Nomidly – A visionary company hoping to be an end-to-end solution for companies looking to discover, engage and recruit talented software engineers

27 October, 2017 – Discovering, engaging and recruiting talented software engineers can be a very frustrating task, not to mention expensive. A company’s options are: post a job on an expensive platform that’ll charge them a membership or license fee, or charge them per job posting regardless if the company hire or not, or hire staffing agency to discover and recruit talent, but this can cost a company up to one year’s salary per candidate. When companies directly engage potential candidates there are many questions. Does the candidate’s resume reflect reality? Do they have a clean background? Are their reference verified? Nomidly plans to leave no questions unanswered, and put everything at the fingertips of the company and make the job searching process faster, easier, and free. Nomidly is a simple platform that allows both parties to connect directly – no outside recruiters, no middleman, no fees!

Nomidly is the most intuitive go-to online platform for all tech jobs. Nomidly serves both companies and job seekers. Unlike most traditional job searching websites, companies can search candidates, view their profile, invite them to apply, or message them directly through the platform’s own messaging system – all of this without ever leaving the platform! 

Although Nomidly just launched their Minimum Viable Product (MVP), they’ve already started working on their next iteration – which will include an Application Tracking Software (ATS) feature, making the process of discovering, engaging, and recruit tech talent easier. Their goal is to be an end to end solution for any company looking to hire and recruit tech people. Future plans include features to verify candidate’s references and skills and to conduct background checks along with previous employment checks. These features will save companies time in their post-hire tasks.

Also, companies are able to create their own profile pages, customize them with their logo and own content. This engages and brings a presence on this talent-rich platform, and best of all, it’s FREE! 

Nomidly is currently focusing their attention on tech jobs, and tech areas but in the near future they’ll be opening up their platform to all areas in the United States.

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