Woman Finds Groundbreaking Product Of Great Help To Family’s Ailments

Ocoee, FL – A woman’s quest to help her family find the road to healing lead to her stumbling upon a revolutionary product – which dramatically improved the quality of life of herself and her loved ones. Ms. Annette Gayle is a caregiver and a work from home entrepreneur. She juggles many titles as founder of an educational non-profit www.buildahealthericommunity.com; running an online video marketing company; co-owner of a real estate investment company, and now also an independent distributor for LifeVantage. She has recently shared that her most cherished title is that of a doting caregiver to those near and dear to her.

Said Ms. Gayle, “Many of us don’t know what we don’t know. I have learnt to be an advocate for myself and my family.  I knew we’re all absorbing toxins in many ways however my research revealed women in the US apply an average of 168 chemicals between cosmetics, perfumes, personal care products and feminine hygiene products, to their faces and bodies every day. When you add in the GMO products we don’t even know about, our bodies simply can’t fight all the free radicals they’re assaulted with daily without help. Once those free radicals attack our cels, we have oxidative stress. She found numerous studies on pubmed.gov which address oxidative stress in relation to hundreds of illnesses.

Faced first in 2015 with her uncle who lost his struggle with Alzheimer’s, and later with her aunt’s battle with the same devastating disease, Ms. Gayle decided to do anything in her power to make a positive change in her aunt’s health challenge. After attending a lunch ‘n learn meeting she was invited to, she was introduced to a product which, in combination with dietary and lifestyle changes she made, would ultimately stave off her aunt’s Alzheimer progression, and would keep her from spending what should otherwise be her golden years in an assisted living facility, void of her precious memories, and the ability to care for herself.

In addition to its contribution in improving the quality of life of her senior family member, the product has also had a positive effect on Ms. Gayle’s 6-year-old granddaughter’s vitiligo, as it appears that her melatonin cells have been revived, and her skin color is not only returning to the affected areas, but it remains localized, without spreading to anywhere else on her body. Ms. Gayle takes the products as well for optimum health.

While the product does not make any claims to prevent, treat, or cure any illness or disease, it has been verified by over 20 peer reviewed studies to reduce oxidative stress levels by up to 40% in 30 days, and has been featured on ABC’s Prime Time Investigative Reports, NBC, PBS and many more news outlets, throughout the last decade.

Concluding her statements, Ms. Gayle said that “Three generations in my family have been given back their quality of life, and, as a result, I now teach on generational health and wealth using these all-natural products.  By sharing my story other families can gain access to the same information I did, teach themselves, transform their lives and hopefully serve others the way I’m privileged to do.”

To learn more about Protandim, please visit: http://www.healthyinsideandout.lifevantage.com/   

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