Singapore Residents Gear Up for Monsoon Season with Air-Con Services

Singapore, SG – It’s that time of the year again when Singapore heads into the monsoon season, and with the weather changes, many Singaporeans are taking precautionary measures by upgrading or cleaning their appliances. One of the most important appliances to check before the season changes is the air conditioner. The wet season can make the lack of a functional air conditioner nearly unbearable. Aircon servicing needs to occur frequently to keep the air conditioning running smoothly, and in Singapore, KPA Engineering can help.

At, their list of services and air conditioning repairs is numerous. They offer tri-yearly and quarterly servicing contracts for air conditioning units, for relatively affordable prices. In addition to servicing contracts, they offer individual services, chemical washings, and chemical overhauls are a few other aircon services that KPA Engineering offers to their clients.

With aircon servicing from KPA Engineering, clients can expect a range of cleaning and improvements for their aircon units. Servicing contracts include checking the coils, vacuuming drainage pipes, removal and washing of the air conditioning filters, and checks of the compressor suction, the refrigerant system, and any noise problems. KPA Engineering will also be sure to check the accuracy of all the aircon settings, to ensure a well-functioning aircon unit.

With their servicing, KPA also thoroughly checks each air conditioning unit for their clients, taking care to review any potential problems or future issues and discussing the best options with their clients for their aircon units. KPA Engineering strives to make sure all of their customers live in comfort with safe, fully operational air conditioning units.

In addition to these services, KPA Engineering offers chemical overhauls and chemical washings for aircon units. Chemical cleanings are strongly recommended for air conditioners, in order to ensure thorough clearing of dust and debris from within an air conditioning unit to increase maximum air flow and keep families safer and healthier. Due to the chemicals used in this process, hiring professionals is highly recommended. Chemical overhauls, similarly, can become necessary if a unit emits a foul odour or a strange noise. KPA Engineering’s hard-working professionals know how to work with the chemicals and can clean any aircon unit with the utmost safety and precision.

KPA Engineering provides Singapore with the necessary aircon services to the wider public, so that Singaporean residents can be well-prepared for the wet seasons.

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