World’s Largest Industrial Design Carnival Sweeps

According to Shenzhen Municipal Government Press Office, the 5th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF) will be held in Hall2, SZCEC from Nov.5 to Nov.7, hosted by People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality, organized by Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA), and co-organized by China Industrial Design Association and Industrial Design Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

With the theme of “Future Design Smart Manufacturing”, 2017 SZIDF focuses on industrial design innovation and cutting edge trends, and aims to integrate with intelligent manufacturing of Made in China 2025. It will exhibit over 7000 brand-new and forward-looking exhibits from over 30 countries and regions, including China, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Finland, Denmark, and Croatia.

At the same time, various events will be held during 2017 SZIDF: Designers’ Night Party and SZIDF innovation design awards ceremony, 3 summit forums, 12 design workshops, and 25 new products launches as well as industrial docking meetings for each exhibitor.

Over 7000 fine exhibits bloom under world-class standards

Since 1st SZIDF held in 2013, SZIDF has been highly praised as world’s largest industrial design fair due to its large scale, high quality of exhibitors, professional on-site service and global influence. Luisa Bocchietto, president of ICSID, said, the exhibits are of good quality and impressive, after attending SZIDF. Shenzhen, where SZIDF came out, is becoming a pioneer city in global industrial design and the most suitable place for designers to realize their dreams.

Besides, the number of overseas exhibits in 2017 SZIDF increases 40% than that of last year, covering collaborative design, accurate supply chain management, intelligent terminals, new materials, new technologies, new equipment, modern logistics, smart home, cloud service platform, digital entertainment terminal design, 3D printing, robotics. Many of the exhibits are on display in China for the first time, such as buoyant baby swimsuits, world’s first dimensioning tool that can sketch 3D curves and export data to CAD, Croatia’s first solar powered ultra-high speed electric vehicle charging station, and palm-sized box-shaped personal assistant robot.

2017 SZIDF has invited 8 international exhibition groups including Danish Design National Pavilion, German Green Design Award, A’ Design Award& Competition, Florence Design Week, Netherlands Design National Pavilion, Australia Exhibition Group, and National Pavilion of Korea Institute of Design Promotion, as well as 24 enterprise exhibition groups, which will set a new high in exhibitor number among design fair at home.

Design ideas from mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan spark

The 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we must adhere to One China Principle, promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, deepen cross-strait economic cooperation and cultural exchanges, and promote the common struggle of compatriots on both sides of the strait for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as well as seek open innovation, inclusive and mutually beneficial development prospects. Also we need to focus on “Belt and Road”, and introduce foreign capital and encourage Chinese companies to invest overseas, in accordance with the principle of joint construction and sharing, to strengthen innovation capacity open cooperation.

2017 SZIDF adheres to the principle of opening up and innovation, adopts the sharing mode from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and gathers the design strength across the China, including Ministry of Commerce of China, Taiwan, Hebei, Wuhan, Zhongshan Industrial Design Profession Association, Taiwan’s Quayet Design, Taiwan Innovation Design Center Exhibition Group, Hong Kong’s Yi Tong Design, and CBON Design, inDare, MOONWK, XIVO design, ZOUDESIGN from Shenzhen.

Besides, in order to implement the policy of Made in China 2025 and China’s Industrial 4.0, a special intelligent manufacturing exhibition area will be added. Many intelligent exhibits will be present, such as Subway frontier inspection robot with AI voice interactive function; instant storage smart seal with the function of fingerprint identification and camera, smart speaker which can have emotional interaction with human, first smart portable translation machine in China, and smart make-up mirror for young girls.

Integrate intelligence and design, blend eastern and western design culture

The four development concepts of innovation, coordination, sustainability and openness require us to continuously strengthen the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture, and to continuously promote theoretical innovation, practical innovation, institutional innovation and cultural innovation. As an important component of the core competitiveness of modern manufacturing industry, industrial design is not only a leading industry to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, but also an important driving force to promote various innovations.

International design resources were introduced for drive design innovation, to bring out international voice of Shenzhen in design, and to set up the International Design Master Exhibition area for Richard Hutten, one of the most successful Dutch designers, Masayuki Kurokawa, Japanese famous architect and industrial designer to jointly interpret the beauty of contemporary industrial design. These two design masters will deliver speeches on International Design Summit Forum while also serve as judges for 2017 SZIDF to discuss eastern and western design culture and development path from different perspectives.

In addition to Richard Hutten and Masayuki Kurokawa, there will be more design masters to have high-end dialogues, including Ralph Wiegmann, CEO of iF International Forum Design GmbH, Michael Young, Director of Michael Young Ltd, He Renke, Dean and Professor at School of Design, Hunan University, Ian Wong, Program Director of Master of Industrial Design, Monash University, Australia, and Moritz Ludwig, Managing Director of Designaffairs China, and Torsten Valeur, Design director, CEO David Lewis Designers.

Grasp historical opportunity and enter the era of brand driven by design

Professor Tong Huiming, one of creators of Brand Driven by Design (BDD), mentions that design innovation is unleashed explosively since many successes were witnessed. In Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, design has been the core strategic edges. An era of BDD is coming, in which China’s consumption upgrading; market upgrading and industrial upgrading boost economic development. And this is an unprecedented historical opportunity for design circle.

2017 SZIDF closely follows historical opportunity to invite CEO and design masters of famous design enterprises from Germany, Demark, Canada, and Italy to deliver speeches on BDD summit forum. And under the auspices of LAM Yanta, CEO and Founder of China Design Research Work Group, Moritz Ludwig, Torsten Valeur, Lyla Wu, Founder and CEO of Neuni Lab, Mladen Barbaric, Founder and CEO of InstruMMents, Jeff Katz, CTO of Geeny/ Telefonica Next, Innocenzo Rifino, Founder of HABITS, Troels Seidenfaden, Founder and creative director of SEIDENFADEN DESIGN, Lodovico Bernardi, Founder of Lodovico Bernardi Design-ing TM will also share their business mode of design innovation and how they take action in the era of BDD.

Design forces gather on this 2017 innovation design conference

Last year, the State Council issued Guidance on the Integration and Development of Shenzhen’s Manufacturing Industry and the Internet to further deepen the integration and development of the manufacturing industry and the Internet. We will work together to promote Made in China 2025 and Internet + to build of a strong manufacturing country. The technological revolution is leading to the integration of the industry. New manufacturing such as 3D printing have emerged in the manufacturing field, a large number of new materials have emerged in the material field, and new means such as remote sensing, sensing and monitoring have emerged in the field of instruments and meters. There is new energy and new power equipment in the power field, and a series of technological revolutions in the electronic field with the mobile Internet as the core, the trend of cross-border integration of the industry is inevitable.

In addition to the two summit forum of global design future trends, design-driven brand, 2017 SZIDF will also cooperate with Altair, to explore trend of the integration of design and technology. Senior experts from China Industrial Design (Shanghai) Research Institute Co., Ltd., ASW workshop, Shenzhen Artop Design, and Altair China will share their opinions on innovation design and demonstrate critical thinking and product design.

International exhibition sharing area is first added to analyze cases on-site

2017 SZIDF continues the down-to-earth characteristic, and sets sharing area in the center for international exhibition groups to have on-site case analysis. Australian International Exhibition Group and the Netherlands Design National Pavilion will respectively hold Australian Industrial Design Forum and Design in Holland with audience interaction, where masters and audience discuss on design theories and cases. In addition, there will be docking meeting for design enterprises and manufacturers with design requirements, thus promoting domestic and foreign industry docking.

In order to be professional, 2017 SZIDF also sets up live broadcast via Shejipi, China’s leading design media, where audiences and designers can interact online. And for offline activities, professional broadcaster will show up on the site to interact with audiences, uncovering the secret of design, where design masters and design workers as well as design enthusiasts can have real time discussions.

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