Digital Marketing Expert Ashley Ashbee supports small businesses in connecting with a wider audience

Ashley Ashbee, a digital marketing and communications consultant in Canada, focuses her services on small businesses and assists them in growing their reach to a wider number of potential customers and supporters. She is based in Canada and has over five years of experience in growing small brands on social media. She is also a seller on popular freelancing website and offers services starting from as less as $5.

Ashley specializes in community engagement and storytelling. She works with her clients for strategizing to amplify their voices and reach their target audiences and business goals. She holds expertise in promoting the small business on one of the major social media platforms, Twitter. She’s enthusiastic about working with small businesses and strives to provide professional support for connecting with the customers.

“Working with a PR agency can be very heavy on the pocket and bureaucratic. A number of times the account managers can be really busy sleep deprived and strapped for time so they might not be able to give much time for the client’s project. My service rates are comparatively affordable and we can tailor a project based on your needs, goals, and budget”, says Ashley talking about her services.

Ashley has received professional training in both journalism and public relations. Her expertise and experience in the field allow her to effectively help her clients in growing their business. She is multi-talented and has expertise in copy editing and writing as well, which means the client’s message will be clear, polished and compelling to the target customers.

Apart from being budget-friendly, Ashley also offers services that don’t require much time of the client. The client can simply provide the details, information, and content needed for the project and leave the rest for Ashley to do.  She offers flexible timings to her clients which allow them to work with her based on their time and convenience. She is always ready to reschedule the task if needed. She has received great feedback from her clients for her work, one of whom says, “Ashley’s enthusiasm is infectious. She’s passionate about helping you connect with people online. She will really dig into your organization’s identity to deliver your message in a unique way”.

Ashley’s services are aimed to provide an affordable option for the small businesses with limited budgets to grow their customer base. More information about her can be found at

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