After successful Pancor P01 watch campaign on Kickstarter, Pancor P02 is now live for fundraising

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The stylish watch Pancor P01 made a successful debut on Kickstarter and now the Pancor Watch Corporation is excited to announce the launch of its follow up model, Pancor P02 on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise €42000 for getting the product into mass production and offer the same at an attractive early bird price to the backers.

Pancor P01 received a great response on Kickstarter and managed to surpass its fundraising goal which is why the company has introduced the second model of the watch that comes with even better features. The Pancor P02 watch is a fully automatic contemporary watch that is developed after a year of designing, improving and prototyping. The idea to create this watch is to present a watch to the people with luxurious feel yet at an affordable price.

Pancor P02 is a custom designed watch and what differentiates it from other affordable watch campaigns is that it doesn’t use generic off the shelf case but every part of is designed using a fixed set of standards and specifications.The case is made using high-grade 316L steel and finished with chrome or black PVD, that keeps the overall weight of the watch just 120g.  The watch is automatic in nature which means it will keep itself wound up enough to keep going for days. The watch does stop after a period off the wrist and the user can start it again by just winding it up. When the user fully puts the crown out, the second’s hand stops to make it easier for the user to accurately set the time.

The watch uses Japanese movements which are a bit underrated but offer good functionality and reliability. The manufacturers of the watch have designed a custom 42mm case made from strong 316L stainless steel resistant to both pitting and corrosion. Unlike the other automatic watches that are bulky, the Pancor watches are designed with a thickness not more than 12mm so that it feels comfortable on the wrist.

The Pancor P02 also features sapphire crystal known for its scratch resistant properties and crystal clear looks. The watch is available in multiple colors and models to choose from. The backers can choose the preferred perk to pre-order the watch. The super early bird perk offers two Pancor P02 watches and available at a price of €479.

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