Jewel Theme’s WordPress Theme, VideoStories Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Some WordPress users have complained about not the service not having a lot of options for video showcasing. This puts Youtubers, marketers, and movie makers at great disadvantage, as they are unable to use the website to its fullest potential.

To alleviate this issue, and add a ton of functionality and uses, VideoStories is being released by Jewel Theme. VideoStories is a fully functional and responsive WordPress Video Theme that offers its users with a plethora of different features that assist in video showcasing, modifying and presenting, all without needing any prior knowledge of coding.

The theme is filled to the brim with customizable options and selections to make individual webpages look unique, attractive and all-round intriguing. Using options from a simple drag-and-drop menu can yield amazingly quick, yet highly powerful and effective solutions to problems that once seemed impossible to solve.

Users of the Jewel Theme’s previous releases such as Owlfolio and Shopaholic will already be well aware of their quality and presentation. Jewel Theme always strives to provide their users with accessibility, while also retaining effectiveness and simplicity. It provides a powerful platform that can emulate the results of extensive and complicated code, all throughout simple drag and drop functionality.

For anyone working with videos, the 9+ beautifully designed and visually stunning homepage templates will act as an ample starting ground. One can also choose to make their own customized pages using the visual composer.

That said, Jewel Theme’s latest Videostories theme is spreading like wildfire, and rightly so, it empowers the user with a plethora of features and simplifies the entire process to such an intense degree, that it is reduced to mere dragging and dropping, all while retaining all of the powerful features and functionality that one expects from code-based websites.

As many consider this theme as their primary one for all-video related webpages, many more are looking into it, thus adding to its popularity.  For more information:

About VideoStories:

VideoStories is a WordPress theme made by Jewel Theme that offers various functions for video-makers. It not only assists in cataloging videos, but also showcasing them in a manner that not only provides a lot of customization options, but also incredibly simplifies the process, allowing for greater work to be done in a shorter time span.

The theme has become the preferred one for many, at least when it comes to video-related webpages, and it is thus definitely worth looking into.

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