Crypto-Trading Expert Joff Paradise Slated to Speak at CryptoCurrency Expo 2017 in Dubai

“To be asked to speak at this year’s CryptoCurrency Expo in Dubai is very exciting. I am truly humbled – Joff Paradise”
Trade Coin Club Founding Partner Joff Paradise will be a industry guest speaker at the 2017 CryptoCurrency Expo in Dubai.

Crypto-trading expert and entrepreneur Joff Paradise is slated to speak at the upcoming CryptoCurrency Expo in Dubai, scheduled for October 29-31, 2017. Paradise is well known in the crypto-trading space as the founder of The Traders Club (TCC), an organization designed to help entrepreneurs learn the crypto-trading marketplace.

“To be asked to speak at this year’s CryptoCurrency Expo in Dubai is very exciting. I am truly humbled. The crypto-trading space is super fast paced and you have to be malleable and teachable in order to succeed. I’m anxious to have the opportunity to pour some knowledge into the many excited and motivated crypto-traders who will be in attendance. Whether you’re an experienced trader or completely new to the space, you’ll undoubtedly walk away with some new best practices in your tool belt,” said Paradise.

“Dubai is the absolute perfect setting for this event. Dubai is cutting edge as is the cryptocurrency market. It couldn’t be a better fit. I am so fortunate to be able to teach at the event, but I also am just as excited to learn from the other experts that will be there such as CRYPSA CEO Philip Raymond, CryptoCurrency founder Shahin Pilli, and a host of others,” continued Paradise.  

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About Trade Coin Club (TCC)

Trade Coin Club (TCC) is an online platform designed to teach new and experienced crypto-traders to leverage the cryptocurrency market place using industry best practices and innovations to create financial wealth. TCC was founded by successful entrepreneur and crypto-trader Joff Paradise. Paradise holds a master’s degree from Texas A&M and has founded several successful start-ups over a period of decades in the retail, clothing, restraint, and fitness spaces. (TCC) allows individuals to tap into the emerging Bitcoin cryptocurrency trading market to generate streams of income through its proprietary software, educational products, and marketing support.

TCC offers interested parties with multifarious investment opportunities interwoven into a tiered investment platform based on factors such risk tolerance and ROI potential – all with a minimal investment that requires zero experience or knowledge of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Learn more at

About Crypto Currency Expo Dubai

The world’s largest Cryptocurrency Expo in Dubai brings together professionals, bankers, investors, educators and miners from around the globe. Set in the beautiful city of Dubai The CryptoCurrency Expo event provides an intimate look into the state of the crypto industry, future trends, business opportunities and innovations. Designed for the experienced trader and new trader alike, the event is scheduled for October 29-31.

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