A Wealth Platform spanning across time zones – Borderless, a Blockchain-based Decentralised Exchange

Floriana, Malta – Oct. 30, 2017 – Borderless, a blockchain-based decentralized exchange has developed a wealth platform that spans across different time zones. What distinguishes this platform from others is that it is not affiliated with a single government entity or company and instead, it is operated by the participants. This platform allows individuals and businesses to create, distribute or trade digital assets, anytime that they want and regardless of where they are residing in the world.

This decentralized trading system was created on the blockchain technology and one of its strengths is probably the fact that the entire system would not be affected in case a single or even if multiple nodes or machines fails. The process would still continue without any fail, providing individuals and business complete peace of mind. Another thing that individuals and businesses love about it is that it also has an anti-attack capability. Any form of attack would be useless with its decentralized system.

Collusion can also be prevented in this platform as the developers guarantee that the participants in the system would not be able to seek out for their personal interests while hurting or bringing damage to others during the process. Hence, individuals and businesses can confidently use the said platform.

In October 2017, the developers of the platform have consulted and sought for the cooperation of Bitmalta to make this project work. The Mafia Financial Services Authority has also provided the company with a full authority when it comes to issuing, storing and trading digital assets all over the world. This makes the creation, distribution, and trading of digital assets easier and more secure.

The idea behind the creation of the platform is to make use of blockchain technology’s ingenuity in an ideal market. It has also been built with the developer’s aspiration to allow anyone in the world to be able to trade anywhere and anytime without worrying about being charged a high fee. This is exactly what makes it stand out from all the other exchanges in the market today, especially as it promotes decentralization. In addition to that, it utilizes technological and technical advancements to make one’s experience while using it a better and more worthwhile one.

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