EasyPuff Emerges as Top E-Cigarettes, Vape and Accessories Seller in New Zealand and Australia

October 30, 2017 – E-cigarettes, vaping or e-juice have quickly gained popularity for offering a safer alternative to conventional, smoke and tar based cigarettes. E-cigarettes are easy to obtain via online stores, such as EasyPuff, which is now a major online seller of e-cigarettes and accessories in New Zealand and Australia.

A trusted name in New Zealand for e-cigarettes, EasyPuff is where smokers get high quality with low prices, making the store a budget place to save money on cool products. While research is ongoing, e-cigarettes have emerged as a safer nicotine delivery mechanism that produce zero tar, smoke or odor and are devoid of thousands of harmful and carcinogenic chemicals that come with conventional tobacco cigarettes.

“At EasyPuff™, we pride ourselves on only providing top-quality e cigarettes & Vaporisers to our customers. We invite you to browse through our online store where you can take advantage of our exceptional online deals,” said a spokesperson from EasyPuff.

EasyPuff is not only an online store for e-cigarettes, but also disseminates knowledge about the benefits of this new product compared to regular tobacco. E-cigarettes produce up to 80 percent less chemicals and toxins, and this has earned them the favor of smokers worldwide. They also sell an extensive range of Box mods and Vape gear.

E-cigarettes sold on EasyPuff look just like conventional cigarettes, and use replaceable flavored cartridges in a range of flavors. Also available are a range of vape gear and starter kits. The vape kits from EasyPuff allow maximum vapor production and long battery life, and both standard and sub-ohm kits are available. Buyers can also browse for liquid flavors, e-liquids, and vaping accessories.

“EasyPuff’s Vape juice are made from top ingredients all sourced from a top supplier in the UK, and our  Vape juice has been developed over the past 6 years to give you a robust taste with over 30 flavours to choose from,” said the store spokesperson.

EasyPuff was founded in 2011 on a low budget by its Founder, Robert Reid, who researched hard and created a two-piece technology which is now available for a full line of premium e-liquids and vape MODS, and is today one of the largest online store for e-cigarettes in New Zealand and Australia.

About EasyPuff

EasyPuff™ focuses on product improvement and quality control, consistently offering high-quality e cigarettes to our customers. Our manufacturers employ teams of highly experienced, expert technical engineers who are focused on improving product performance through technological innovation. On top of that, our complete quality control system oversees each step of the production process. All of our finished products are thoroughly tested before delivery, ensuring only quality e cigarette products reach our customers. As an added boost to customer confidence, our products are CE, FDA, SGS and ROSH certified. That quality assurance enables us to fill our customers’ orders promptly. Deliveries are usually made within 3 to 7 days. Our aim is to continue to provide the best quality e cigarette and Vape products at the best price combined with excellent customer service.

For more information, please visit: https://www.electriccigarettenz.co.nz/

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