30 October, 2017 – Master Chefs’ favorite seasoning’s producer Alkalinecuisine proudly announces its availability of its amazing seasoning product ‘MR. C’s Alkaline Seasoning’ at every location near consumers.

The “Mr. C’s Alkaline Seasoning” has been the talk of the town as chefs have been spreading the good news as lovers of good taste ask for more.

My Aunt first told me about the “Mr. C’s Alkaline Seasoning” and I was like, is this one of those money wasting products, Alas! It turned out to be a delicacy activator, My children couldn’t back their commendations, to crown it all the nutrients embedded in it makes me feel I need to use it more often… – Beatrice

“Mr. C’s Alkaline Seasoning” is certainly the first of its kind, the product is not just a seasoning but one specifically designed to help improve and promote good health. It contains eleven different nutrients from Mother Nature’s finest; each can contains powerful herbs and minerals that help the metabolism and balancing of the needed nutrients in the human body.

“Every now and then people eat junks that do their bodies no good, just to get a delicious taste, we have graciously equipped our products with the right nutrients needed by the body and not just to serve taste’s purpose, we understand what it means eating healthy and staying healthy, and so we are going to be here for long, forcing out manufacturers and suppliers of products that are junks to the body” – (Quality assurance Manager Alkalinecuisine)

People keep wondering about this seasoning and its uniqueness, the blend amazing blend has been discovered to enhance the taste and quality of anything edible irrespectively of the low quality it previously possesses.

“Mr. C’s Alkaline Seasoning” is being processed with no acid to remain natural, efficient and electrifying. To all intent and purpose, ‘Mr. C Alkaline seasoning’ is the world’s most amazing and healthiest seasoning blends.

The comment and reviews from users have been great and those who haven’t used it can’t imagine what they have been missing. This amazing seasoning has been in demand from countries outside this continent.

Far above all, the price of “Mr. C’s Alkaline Seasoning” remains pocket-friendly, the quality and gains derive-able cannot be compared to the price, The Company has also stated the quality will remain high or get better even with the friendly price,  this is to give back to the society.

Interested distributors are most welcome, “Mr. C’s Alkaline Seasoning” can be ordered directly from the company’s user-friendly website An excellent customer service team awaits your inquiries, sales and other questions as related to “Mr. C’s Alkaline Seasoning”.

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