China Cancer Test Market will be US$ 24 Billion by 2022 due to Rising Cancer cases & Innovation in Technology

“China Cancer Test Market is projected to cross US$ 24 Billion by the end of 2022.”
Renub Research report titled “China Cancer Test Market, Volume, Forecast (By Male & Female), Mortality & 26 Cancer (Oncology) Types Market & Volume to 2022” studies the oncology market in China. This 357 page report with 314 Figures and 12 Tables provides in-depth analysis of China Cancer Tests Market and Volume.

By the end of the year 2022, China Cancer Test Market is expected to cross US$ 24 Billion. With the speedy economic development of China, incredible changes have been seen in the Chinese population because of environmental conditions, dietary intake, chronic infection, lifestyle factors and nutritional status. As a result, the cancer upshot in China has increased  over the past three decades.

According to National Cancer Registry Centre, the total national cancer cases and cancer deaths in China were approximately 3.5 million and 2.5 million per year respectively in the year 2009. With the cases like age standardized rate with the world standard population [WASR]) of 191.72 per 100,000 and mortality (WASR) of 115.65 per 100,000, respectively. Moreover, the total cancer rate was top in urban areas than in rural areas.

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In China, in order to alleviate cancer prevalence; the government focuses on several Cancer Control Programs which include prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. Early diagnosis programs include screening for breast and cervix cancer while prevention programs such as anti-smoking campaigns and immunization against hepatitis. Public awareness of cancer and the promotion of healthy lifestyle have also been carried out actively.

Excessive Smoking, Alcohol consumption & Air pollution fuels Cancer population

According to Renub Research, study the preventable risk factors that cause death rate of the Chinese population. Preventable risk factors causing cancer deaths in the Chinese population, the most important are tobacco smoking, chronic infection, low fruit intake, occupational exposure and alcohol drinking. Though, the positions are different when stratified by gender.

In China, Lung cancer leads the market in both genders compared to other cancers. The factors that lead to occurrence of cancer in both the genders are, in men are smoking, tobacco, chronic infection, low fruit intake, occupational agents and alcohol drinking; even as those in women are tobacco smoking, chronic infection, low fruit intake, occupational agent’s environmental agents and alcohol drinking. Changing lifestyles is a long-term effort and the effects will not been seen in the near future.

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Cancer Types & its Impact on Population in China

According to the World Health Organization, probable 422,000 males and 175,000 females in China died of lung cancer in 2012 alone. With males in China, lung cancer has the highest rate of all main cancers and with female; it is second after breast cancer.

China is the leading consumer of tobacco in the worldwide, with over 300 million smokers present, mainly driven by adult males; half of Chinese men are cumulative to be current smokers, compared to fewer than 3% of women. However, smoking prevalence in China has been slowly on the way out, the male smoking prevalence remains above 50% and is expected to be 40% by the year 2050.

26 types of cancers were as follows: Lip, oral cavity, & pharynx (except nasopharynx), Nasopharynx, Esophagus, Stomach, Colorectum, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Larynx, Lung, Other thoracic organs, Bone, Melanoma, of the skin, Breast, Cervix, Uterus, Ovary, Prostate, Testis, Kidney, Bladder, Brain, CNS, Thyroid, Lymphoma, Leukemia and All other sites and unspecified.

In Male: Lung Cancer is the most predominant cancer and is mainly driven by adult males, half of Chinese men are expected to be current smokers compared to women, followed by Colorectal Cancer, Liver Cancer, Brain, CNS, Esophageal Cancer and Breast Cancer (not in same chorological order).

In Female: Lung cancer cases are less in women as compared to men but other cancers were Liver and Breast Cancer, Uterus and Ovarian Cancer are other most common cancers. Some other Cancers studied in this report are Lip, Oral Cavity, & Pharynx, Nasopharynx, Pancreas, Bone, Prostate, Luekemia, Bladder, Kidney and Lymphoma.

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Soaring Cancer Mortality Rates

Over the past three decades, Cancer Mortality Rates in China have been rising rapidly. In the urban region, the mortality of cancer is comparatively higher than in rural one. Out of 26 Types of Cancer studied in the report, Lung cancer accounts for the highest fatalities, other cancers which have high fatalities are Digestive Tract Cancers (Stomach, Liver Cancer, Esophageal and Colorectum Cancer).

Hurdles in China Cancer Test Market

Scarcity of well equipped hospitals in rural areas in China

The country has limited numbers of well equipped hospital in rural areas, though in urban areas these facilities have great in demand.

Public Awareness for cancer care & Inadequate Government Support

Without standards and increased governmental support, China cancer care services would be not legalized. Such tests can only be carried out in big hospitals or in clinical use. The lack of public awareness about cancer care in rural areas is also one of the main concerns of the country.

Reimbursement Rates fluctuate from region to region in China

Increase the difficulties of promoting cancer care across the nation of China. Reimbursement policy fluctuates from rural areas to urban areas due to insurer’s policy and their interest point of view with the people of the country.


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