Robert Keyes Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Finance The Laces Laundry Ball Project

Robert Keyes initiates crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Laces Laundry Ball project.

Robert Keyes, the NY-based duty veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm turned entrepreneur, has announced a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter for his project Laces Laundry Ball. The ex-law enforcement officer is on a mission to keep shoe laces out of the sink.

“I am happy to announce that we can soon have clean looking laces to match your nice, well-maintained shoes without having to throw them in the sink,” says Robert Keyes. “Most of the times, the expensive laces get tangled when thrown in the wash or worse still they might get stuck in one of the machine’s moving mechanism. With the Laces Laundry Ball, you can get the dirty laces cleaned easily just like other normal clothes.”

Sports footwear comes with a hefty price tag. The branded ones are quite beyond the reach of ordinary customers. It is imperative that these “investments” be kept clean and well maintained so that they look new for as long as possible. Getting the shoe cleaned is generally not a problem as there are spray cleaners available but the same cannot be said for shoelaces.

Finding laces of the exact right color, texture, size and type is tougher than people imagine. It is virtually impossible to find the right match. Many a times, the bright new laces look out of place on the slightly worn out and faded pair of shoes.

The Laces Laundry Ball by Robert Keyes presents the perfect solution to this hassling problem of clean laces. Users simply have to place the dirty laces in the Laundry Ball and toss it in with the regular wash using the preferred detergent and bleach. The ball has been provided with agitator tabs to help remove the dirt on the laces and also prevents them from getting tangled. The patent-pending Laces Laundry Ball is also dryer compatible.

According to Keyes, the Laces Laundry Ball can be the ideal gifting item this Christmas. They can be perfect for moms too as the baby and kid’s shoes are almost as expensive as adult shoes and require careful and regular cleaning and maintenance. With Laces Laundry Ball, moms can be spared of the trouble if scrubbing the laces, or shopping for new matching laces.

The Laces Laundry Ball can be perfect for college students and teens too as they love to flash their premium-priced branded shoes but the dirty laces always take down the value of their priced possession. Students who are always hard-pressed for time will find the Laces Laundry Ball extremely useful as they can get the laces of their sneaker cleaned effortlessly.

The Kickstarter campaign initiated by Robert Keyes has a financial goal of $17,000. The deadline for raising the funding is 23 November, 2017.

About Laces Laundry Ball:

Laces Laundry Ball is a project by army veteran Robert Keyes. The Laces Laundry Ball has been designed to clean sneaker laces quickly and effortlessly by simply placing the laces inside the ball, adding the detergent and bleach and tossing in with the regular wash. The ball has agitator tabs that not only removes the dirt from the laces but also keeps them from tangling.

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