The Muswell Hill Pre School Teaches Children Excellence from a Young Age

LONDON, UK—Early childhood is a critical developmental period for children. Pre-school age is when students develop interpersonal skills as well as the base for their perception of the world at large. It is so important to involve young children in a pre-school or nursery program that will provide them with the skills that they need to be intelligent and productive children, and eventually intelligent and productive adults. Finding a pre-school program that focuses on these aspects, as well as allows children to articulate their wants and needs productively can be difficult, but not impossible. For those in the Muswell Hills area of London, the pre-school of choice is The Muswell Hill Pre School.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the founders of this Muswell Hill nursery are well-equipped to engage and teach children of different need levels. Their strategy towards pre-school is fundamentally different than that of competitors in that they look at pre-school as a means by which to build the foundation of great people. The Muswell Hill Pre School focuses on teaching that is geared towards the way in which young children learn. They focus on exposing pre-school age children to elements of their world that they might not be exposed to otherwise.

Practitioners at The Muswell Hill Pre School do not talk down to children. Children are taught and treated as equals, which is scientifically proven to better facilitate learning and understanding in kids. They hold education at the core of everything that they do, making sure to introduce children to elements such as music, science, technology, and the arts. The early exposure to these subjects instills a curiosity and passion in children that continues well into adolescent and adult life. Practitioners also work to help children build vital life skills, such as understanding of needs and self-confidence.

For pre-school age children, it is so important to be in an enriching environment so as to develop necessary life skills. The Muswell Hill nursery allows children to learn about the world around them while learning about themselves all at the same time. Their dedication to excellence has been proven time and time again, with successful children and happy parents in the Muswell region of London, and officials believe it too, with The Muswell Hill Pre School having been given a grade of Outstanding by Ofsted. Visit their website for more information on this excellent pre-school.

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Company Name: The Muswell Hill Pre School
Contact Person: Bill Zuckerman
Phone: 203-319-7330
City: Muswell Hill
State: London, N10 1ND
Country: United Kingdom