Author’s New Philosophy Book “Silencing the Skeptics” Receives A Warm Literary Welcome

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“Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Silencing the Skeptics: Gospel Contradictions Resolved; the Ultimate Open Challenge to Bart Ehrman by The Gatekeeper is a powerful book that offers fresh perspectives, interpretations, and analysis of the contradictions of the Bible and particularly those in the four Gospels. In this book, the author takes up the challenge advanced by critics such as Bart Ehrman and offers a stunning defense of the Scriptures, helping readers understand the contradictions in the Bible while bringing in aspects that allow them to embrace the truth of Jesus’ message without feeling confused by the paradoxes.

With the obvious discrepancies and contradictions in some of Jesus’ statements in the situations in the Bible and the narratives in the four Gospels, can it be possible for readers to believe the message of the Gospel? Can the truth be self-contradictory, and if not, why could the contradictions be found in the book that is supposed to communicate the liberating message that is Truth Himself? Such are questions that baffle readers and that create a lot of doubt in the minds of believers, and these questions are intelligently and brilliantly answered in this well-researched, beautifully articulated book.

In this spellbinding book, the author invites readers, both skeptics and Bible apologetics, to look beyond the contradictions of the Scripture and to consider questions of historical relevance, cultural and moral context, and much more. I was impressed and won over by the beautiful prose, the clear logic, and the simplicity of style. The author writes with authority and the reader can feel that the work is well-researched. The references are very apt and relevant.  Silencing the Skeptics: Gospel Contradictions Resolved; the Ultimate Open Challenge to Bart Ehrman is a book that is as informative as it is inspiring, one of those rare books that will help readers develop a new approach to interpreting the Bible, especially their understanding of the four Gospels.”

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