Edina Seleskovic’s public art challenges division, ethnonationalism

Project Think Freedom proves that creativity has the power to connect, to inspire, and to send a
powerful message to the World: from Sarajevo to 30 host cities, this global art mission is inviting
audience to become active participants and creators of a unified global vision.

Sarajevo. October 30th, 2017. Think Freedom is a comprehensive public art project sending a message of peace and freedom from the heart of Sarajevo to the region, all of Europe, the America’s, and the World. It incorporates sculpture, installation, performance, light, sound, film, the art of literary word, and new global communication technologies while connecting young generation with the universal power of art. It researches attitudes and ideas of new generations as a platform supporting new dialogues, interaction, and diverse aspects of their lives in the new millennia. As a Bosnian born New York sculptor, Edina Seleskovic, join hands with young students in order to create an urban spectacle and a masterpiece and share it with host cities providing an opportunity to connect globally through art creation.

Project Think Freedom began in Sarajevo in 2015 and it grew out of conversations with high schoolers about what culture and art mean to them are they forms of free expression and can they be tools to communicate to build and establish that which we have to work so hard to keep and that which is so easily lost…our freedom. Edina and the students, together presented at the newly rebuilt the Sarajevo City hall the first Think Freedom multimedia interactive installation, composed of thousands of sculptures that are individually made from two metal strips, like two hands or two messages folded into a shape of a bird, a symbol recognized in every culture and every religion as a symbol of moving forward, of transitioning, of hoping and dreaming.

More than that each sculpture is given life by a young student’s message handwritten on the wings. First installation photograph got published by the Associated Press as the Global Image of the Day and that photograph proved that art has the power to connect. First Think Freedom sculpture to leave from Sarajevo was a gold plated one on the papal plane in the hands of His Holiness pope Frances going back to the Vatican after his visit to Sarajevo, as the message and Think Freedom was no longer a small project. A call to present the installation in New York at Daag Hammerskjold Plaza came. But Edinawished more and the world needed more: ‘It is not just Bosnia that needs to stand up. We all do. ‘I wished to talk to high schoolers from all over the world, to have young artists collaborate with me, and to make ordinary people be a part of something larger than themselves.’

Currently Think Freedom is on its European tour, it has travelled from Sarajevo to Banja Luka, Novi Sad, Ljubljana, Skopje, and Rovinj and will continue to travel from southern to norther Europe, working with local partners in Bratislava, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Nicosia, Berlin and Vilnus. Next year it will be in Latin America and Asia, the year after that in Africa and Australia. The final installation will be in New York City with messages from all these kids installed together, next to one another in so many languages with so many ideas and one common hope for us to be free. On this tour a creative documentary is directed by Ahmed Imamovic and thoughts and ideas of local audience and community leaders for a publication are being collected, all to be presented with the installation in New York in 2020. Indigogo campaign is launched, in order to connect to many and to invite audience to become active participants in this art mission, creating a unified vision for the future.

Installation of the project Think Freedom from 2015 to 2020 will be presented in over 30 cities with the unique goal of uniting the concept of freedom in the today and the tomorrow, new ideas and contemporary art, while branding each city as the city of cultural innovation. The project joins cities by gathering over 10 000 messages of young people, asking over 600 community leaders in each host city for their ideas and guidance, and reaching over 30 000 000 audience members…from Sarajevo City Hall to Daag Hammerskjold Plaza in New York.

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Company Name: Project Think Freedom
Contact Person: Edina Seleskovic
Email: edina.seleskovic@gmail.com
Phone: +646 453 4035
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Website: www.think-freedom.com