Follywood, the voice dubbing app receives good reviews from the users

Voiceover parodies are taking social media by storm. Users are dubbing their voice over 15-second video clips to create short, hilarious clips that they share with friends. Its rise to popularity is mainly due to apps like Follywood. Previously, people needed video editing software to achieve a similar result, now literally anyone can easily become a director themselves, a Follywood Director, as the developers say.

Follywood hasn’t been out very long but the reviews show that it’s a home run for the developers at Basebone Studios. “Great app, really funny. Must download!”, says one user on Google Play Store. “So much fun! This app is great; it lets you dub your own voice over any video. Hilarious”, says another user on the App Store.

The key to Follywood’s early success stems from offering users powerful editing features while being easy and intuitive to use. To record a voiceover, users simply need to open the app, select a video amongst hundreds of popular videos, record up to 3 audio tracks and share. While recording users can correct mistakes by swiping it to delete. In case the user is happy with the recording but it’s out of sync, they can drag the track to adjust it. It works as you expect it should.

Follywood also allows users to add subtitles to their videos (For some videos it is all that’s needed to make them funny). Subtitles cleverly double as a teleprompter, so users can first write their script then read it as they record.

While most users seem to use the app to make parody videos based on classic scenes from hollywood movies or internet memes, the app also allows users to upload their own videos of any shape and size, portrait, square or standard 16:9. This opens the door to more personalised videos that your friends and family will love. Adding a video of a pet and recording a voiceover wishing a loved one a happy birthday is sure to get a chuckle. With a bit of creativity anything is possible.

Overall this is a powerful, fun and easy to use app and well worth checking out. Its available for free on both the App Store and the Google Play Store and you can also check out the official website at

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