Teamwork Goes Visual with CollaBoard’s LatestRelease

Zurich, Switzerland (October 31, 2017) – CollaBoard, real-time collaborative solution, goes visual with itslatest release, bringing diagram drawing to its virtual workspace. Any two or more tiles in a CollaBoard project can now be connected to create mind maps, flow diagrams, agile workflows, scrum boards,brainstorming maps, business model canvases, executive dashboards, and more. Furthermore, with the latestrelease any tile can be expanded to full screen.

Videos, images, audio recordings, PDFs and Sticky Notes in CollaBoard can now be used as buildingblocks of any type of diagram to create high-level overviews. Paired with the full-screen tile feature,which allows users to focus on a single tile, it exponentially increases the visual capabilities ofthe app, already designed to be a highly immersive environment based on natural input methods.

CollaBoard is an Azure-based, real-time collaborative application for Microsoft Surface Hub, Surface Studioand Windows 10 devices allowing professionals and teams to work together on a shared virtual desk fromdifferent locations. It lets users hold highly effective virtual meetings, workshops, brainstorming sessions and co-create using natural inputs like inking, touch and voice commands. CollaBoard also fully supports theSurface Dial and offers QR Code and NFC sharing capabilities, constituting a cutting-edge collaboration tool.

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IBV is a Software Development and Consultancy firm based in Zurich and Berlin. Founded in 1981, itspecializes in developing business applications for Windows 10, Surface Hub and the HoloLens. IBV developsstate-of-the-art, customized solutions and applications tailored to modern business needs that work across alldevices using voice, inking and touch commands for natural interactions. With its 35 years of experience andthe expertise of its award-winning developers, IBV is here to make your vision a reality.

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