Camuso Media and Consulting leads the Blockchain revolution with the launch of its unique technology-based Marketing & Digital PR Consulting Services

Camuso Media and Consulting, a new Charlotte, NC based Blockchain and Virtual Currency consulting firm, has announced the official launch of its technology-based services in the Blockchain industry to provide lucrative new opportunities to entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

Camuso Media and Consulting, a Charlotte, NC consulting firm, is proud to announce its services to entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. The firm is dedicated to building long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships that allow entrepreneurs and businesses to reap the benefits of the bourgeoning Blockchain industry and beyond.

Camuso Media and Consulting offers a wide range of services that include Marketing, Public Relations, and consulting solutions to companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsales and token offerings. Camuso Media and Consulting is described as a leading provider of full service solutions for upcoming token sales. Camuso Media and Consulting invests in sharing knowledge across all domains within the company, ensuring that they can effectively serve business needs while offering a top tier team of consultants to business owners and entrepreneurs through each stage of business from concept to token sale. ​

Camuso Media and Consulting creates a unique approach to the Blockchain community, by striving to bring transparency and credibility to the Blockchain community and evangelizing Blockchain to the public. Camuso Media & Consulting is a U.S. based company with a highly experienced team based in the United States.

Camuso Media and Consulting was founded by Patrick Camuso in a bid to create a firm that transcends standard industry client service models by taking an entrepreneurial approach to deliver to clients, the level of service and attention they require in an increasingly complex and rapidly developing business landscape.

Patrick, founder and owner, has a world-class background in consulting at one of the Big 4 professional service firms for over 5 years in two of the country’s hottest cities, NYC and Charlotte. He specifically worked within in the investment management and real estate space consulting for the world’s premier asset managers, real estate companies and retailers. Subsequently, Patrick established Camuso CPA, consulting to real estate and virtual currency investors along with small businesses nationwide.

Developing his own practice and consulting to the Blockchain industry, Patrick developed the business-case and proprietary technology for marketing automation and big data. He has combined this with his financial, Blockchain and business expertise to help new and existing businesses with research analytics and data-driven results.

Patrick is a strong proponent of the combination data, technology and creativity to drive business growth for clients.

“Chat bots and AI offer organizations the ability to engage their customers precisely at the right time and place in a cost-effective manner at scale. The evolution of big data is providing the raw information required to power these programs.”

Patrick is a strong proponent of the Blockchain technology, taking his evangelism to ESPN Radio and financial publications such as Financial Advisor IQ and subsequently stating the benefits and breakthroughs of blockchain. “This market is already here,” he says, “even if an uncertain regulatory environment creates short-term uncertainty for institutional investors like pension funds and big endowments,” says Patrick in one of his talks with Financial Advisor.

Leveraging advanced knowledge and experience in finance with top-tier teams, large data sets and cutting-edge marketing systems, Patrick has developed a system tailored to serve a community of professionals across the world, taking a collaborative approach to grow any Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology related business or investment portfolio.

For more information on how Camuso Media and Consulting can help with token sale or Blockchain related business, interested persons call visit their website or call (888) 899 8355.

About Camuso Media and Consulting

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the consulting firm provides a full service for token sales and Blockchain/virtual currency related businesses. Taking a modern approach to marketing & digital public relations, their team of top-tier experts is dedicated to exploring the latest technology and leveraging existing systems to create the ideal solution to the biggest challenges faced by businesses.

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