Terrorism is upon us: A play against barbarism

Among the great shows scheduled for the second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta to be held in Tangier from 9 to 12 November 2017, a play entitled “Terrorism is at the door” «Le terrorisme à la porte.»

The Jordanian artists Rania Ismaïl and Hassan Sabaileh staged this play as an effective way of conveying a social message to the youth.

Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, honorary president, affirmed that theater is a noble way of educating younger generations, and invites the festival’s audience to discover the play that evokes family violence and marginalization of young people and attempts to showcase the reasons behind youth’s involvement in extremist groups. Mr. Dekkak highlights the role of culture in empowering young people and encouraging them to discover other cultures and travel to relish the beauty of the world. Each representation is followed by a debate on incentives to join terrorist organizations, where the audience is expected to suggested ideas and resolutions.

For his part, Mr. Aziz Benami, founding president of the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battouta, specified that this year’s program is more social-oriented so that the association is actively involved in civic education of young people through socio-cultural and educational activities.

The talented actors Rania Ismaïl and Hassan Sabaileh, along with their theatre troop, have already performed in several countries in various universities to promote a culture of peace and tolerance, and raise awareness about the dangers of terrorism by using humor and comedy to spread the necessary message.

They will be with us during the festival and we invite you to discover them, so do not miss this automn’s must-see event: the second edition of the international Festival of Ibn Battouta, from 9 to 12 November 2017.

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