Ipe Woods USA announces the launch of its new website and offer of free shipping on its Ipe decking

Leading online supplier of Ipe Wood, Ipe Woods USA has announced its offer of free shipping and reduced prices on its range of Ipe Decking

Ipe Woods USA is one of the leading suppliers of online Ipe wood, with some quarters regarding the outfit as the “#1 Ipe Wood Supplier Online”, offering high quality Ipe wood at extremely affordable prices. The company recently announced the start of its free shipping offer on two of its Ipe decking wood, while maintaining its remarkably affordable prices.

Ipe Woods is one of the very few wood types with features that make it endearing not only to builders and contracting companies, but also to intending homeowners. The durability, hardness, resistance to rot, weather and abrasion are some of the unique features of Ipe wood or lumber as the case may be. The features of the wood have made it particularly popular for decking, providing a beautiful anddurable deck for the home. Majorly found in South America and some parts of Central America, Ipe wood also called Brazilian nut is not easily found and builders have often had to resolve to using inferior wood types or pay exorbitantly for high quality Ipe wood.

Ipe Woods USA has however stepped in to solve the problem of easy accessibility to Ipe wood for the different purposes it serves. The company offers a wide range of Ipe wood solutions including Ipe wood for decking, fencing, and siding amongst others. Ipe Woods USA also provides treatment, accessories and other such services required to bring a beautiful finish to the work.

Ipe Woods USA aims to help anyone and everyone get the best possible Ipe without necessarily breaking the bank. This is done by offering exotic Brazilian hardwood decking at the lowest possible price and a team of team of friendly customer service agents to ensure complete satisfaction.

Ipe Woods USA also ships directly to the buyer’s doorstep or job site anywhere across the globe, using use several carriers to ensure the lowest prices and fastest delivery possible.

About Ipe Woods USA

Ipe Woods USA is an online wood supplier specializing in only Ipe woods. Ipe is known to be the best wood for many purposes due to its durability and hardness. Ipe Woods USA therefore makes it possible for persons that want the best wood to get it at the lowest possible cost without compromising quality. This informed the setting up Ipe Woods USA and the easy to navigate website.

Ipe Woods USA has more than 100 pickup locations to ensure customer convenience, while also shipping directly to the buyer’s doorstep or job site. The primary aim of Ipe Woods is to provide the lowest cost, highest quality Ipe wood to customers in the lower 48 states, with multiple shipping locations in the U.S.A.

The previous press release was printed in error. Rainforest Alliance and Ipe Woods USA are not affiliated.

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