UpGlove: The Dollar Shave Club for Golf Gloves

TAMPA, FL – 11/1/2017 — A new golf glove company located in Tampa, FL is nearing its official launch and has an intriguing business model to market entry. UpGlove is looking to enter the market as a subscription based model for golf gloves. UpGlove will provide a top-grade cabretta golf glove well below other glove providers.  The company plans to make their subscription service self-managed by allowing golfers to start, pause and cancel at any time. Pricing will start at $18.99/month for 2 gloves and includes free shipping. UpGlove is expected to launch in early 2018.

Solving 2 Main Problems with Golf Gloves

UpGlove CEO/Founder Shawn McConnon stated they wanted to solve two problems many golfers face when it comes to golf gloves. Shawn said, “First, golfers tend to overspend on average golf gloves. It’s not uncommon to pay close or even above $20 for a premium cabretta golf glove at the pro shop. Second, many golfers forget to buy gloves which is why they tend to pay premium prices at the pro shop versus lower cost options. By offering a subscription model we can offer a premium top-grade cabretta leather golf glove well below market pricing and golfers avoid paying premium pro shop prices because they forgot to get a glove.” The UpGlove founder also mentioned very few glove manufacturers utilize top-grade cabretta and lean towards a mid or low grade cabretta. The UpGlove will only come in top-grade cabretta leather.

Pioneering the Golf Glove Subscription Model

While UpGlove states they are targeting golf enthusiasts their self-managed subscription service provides the flexibility for golfers who do not play as often. By allowing their users to fully control when they can start and pause subscriptions with just a few clicks. This is also a nice feature for folks who can only play during certain seasons like summer and spring. UpGlove will be one of the pioneers in providing a dedicated subscription service for golf gloves.

You can learn more about UpGlove and their launch at their website: https://upglove.com

Media Contact
Company Name: UpGlove
Contact Person: Shawn McConnon
Country: United States
Website: https://upglove.com