Sports Injury Service by Sports Orthopaedic Surgeons Now in London

London, UK—When it comes to specialised services and medical treatment for athletes in London, sports players need look no further than Total Orthopaedics. Total Orthopaedics is quickly becoming the most trusted sports orthopaedic surgeon in London, with their available services listed on From athletes to ‘weekend warriors’ who have been injured in their chosen sport, they can look forward to getting back to enjoying quality of life and improved mobility with help from Total Orthopaedics’ experience and patient-focused care.

Getting injured in an accident not only hurts physically, but can also put an emotional strain on life whilst recovering. Total Orthopaedics offers services to patients six days a week, same day appointments and diagnostics to ensure a speedy recovery, and affordable self-pay packages, allowing patients peace of mind.

Total Orthopaedics offer a wide array of services, so that they can work case by case with patients, ensuring the coverage of a multitude of issues on the way to recovery. Their specialists are highly skilled and motivated professionals who offer both surgical and non-surgical interventions, tailoring to the specific needs of the patient and their rehabilitation. The treatment by Total Orthopaedics addressesfoot and ankle, hip and knee, elbow and shoulder, spine, hand and wrist, and sports and trauma injuries.

With an increase of participation in both professional and recreational sports, it’s very common that sports players might suffer a sports-related injury at some point in their lives. Total Orthopaedics works to ensure that should those involved in sports activities suffer an injury, they have access to a quality, and highly efficient surgical and rehabilitation service.

Each patient will have tailored care specific to their injury on theway to recovery, but no matter the condition or treatment, every patient will have an opportunity to work through the rehabilitation process with as little stress. This is the security and ease of mind that Total Orthopaedics can provide. Working closely with their preferred allied health professionals that will continue with ongoing rehabilitation ensures that you will get total care. By incorporating outpatient packages for diagnosis and treatment plans, and surgery self-pay packages, Total Orthopaedics works closely with their patients to ensure that their recovery is seamless.

Total Orthopaedics puts first the care and safety of its patients and works diligently to get them back on their feet, to regain a happy and active lifestyle. With patient focused care, and collaboration between the team and multi-disciplined allied services, Total Orthopaedics provides the best results for patients on their way to recovery. The highest priority is recovering injured patients as seamlessly and relaxed as possible at Total Orthopaedics.

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