Ocean of Milk – Historical adventure novel about the legendary miracle angkor war

“Ocean of Milk” by Jan Erhard
Jan Erhard tells the beginning of an immortal story in his new novel, “Ocean of Milk”.

Arun is only a little boy, but carries big responsibilities on his shoulders and has to work hard. He is a slave, just a tool to be used. A tool that talks. Nobody cares about his suffering, and nobody wants to listen to what he has to say. His despair turns into anger, and his anger awakens the boy’s thirst for revenge. Arun rises up and resists his slave masters. This is not only the story of a boy fighting for his freedom, but also the start of the story of the largest and most beautiful religious monument on Earth.

Arun’s story, as told in “Ocean of Milk” by Jan Erhard, is the first installment of a series of historical adventure novels about a legendary miracle. It is the insightful beginning of an immortal story that has been kept alive for generations, now told in this exciting series. Readers are immediately drawn into the world of Angkor. While following Arun’s story, they learn a lot about Cambodia’s history and culture as well as its people.

“Ocean of Milk” by Jan Erhard is now available from tredition or can alternatively be ordered by using ISBN 978-3-7345-7584-6. The main aim of the tredition publishing house is to provide young and unknown authors with the chance to publish their own books, and to offer cooperations to publishers and book sellers. Tredition publishes books across all media types, distributes them in the book industry, and also actively markets books since October 2012.

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