Team GC Busan Takes The Crown, 2017 Overwatch APAC Premier drops the curtain with perfect Ending

Hosted by Blizzard Entertainment and Banana Culture Gaming & Media, a worldwide offline tournament – 2017 Overwatch APAC Premier was officially ended in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center – Hong Museum on 29 th October. 2017 APAC officially curtained-up on 19 th October, which included two phases : Group Qualifier and Knockout stage. APAC has gathered 12 world-class teams from China, South Korea, North America and Pacific competition areas. After 8 fierce competition days, Team GC Busan got the champion of 2017 Overwatch APAC Premier in the end.

The 2017 APAC knockout competition was curtained-up with a gorgeous opening projection show. Top eight teams debut with wonderful team POSE in turn, quickly light site atmosphere.

Team POSE Showing
Team GC Busan won the 2017 APAC’s Championship which ended up with 4: 1 results, thanks to their team’s strong cooperation and players’ extraordinary ability .

GC Busan team members lift the trophy

Caster Jason Kaplan(left) and James Lee(right)
The best casters Jason Kaplan and James Lee brought professional and funny commentary, and Chinese casters as Xiaoyao, Ms-Joy, Chixiaotu, Youjiang, Nai8, Roy, Muzi, Xiaogui, Danny, LaoChen were also included. It’s worthy of mentioning that the domestic well-known IP ——Rage Comic official editor, Rage Comic News Events host – Wang Nima showed up in the finals day, who presented a fun explanation and madedomestic fans to cry out in alarm spasmodically.
About the viewing channel, the APAC had live broadcast in four live broadcast platforms : Twitch, Zhanqi TV, Netease CC, PandaTV. So that moreaudiences could watch the world-class Gaming competition easily .
In addition to the wonderful event contents, the organizers also produced a large number of peripheral video and programs which greatly enrich the event’s content into more interesting and integrity. The nearly 100 relevant videos were made just within two weeks which get more than 30 million watch times and this figure is still growing.

Competition field
2017 Overwatch APAC Premier is a summary and sublimation of Overwatch events this year. The world’s top teams gathered in Shanghai to anticipate the year’s most exciting event. The majority fans tasted a perfect audio-visual feast with excellent event production, gorgeous stage, well-known commentary ,the famous internet celebrity and rich peripheral videos by Blizzard Entertainment and Banana Culture Gaming & Media. There will be more gamers feel the unique charm of the Overwatch game. The world needs more heroes!

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