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Welcome to a world of healing salt products from the Himalayas
Himalion is a U.S. based company that imports a range of high-quality Himalayan salt products from local partners based in the Khewra region of the Himalayan mountains. Our products include a variety of air-purifying salt lamps for the home or office, flavor-enhancing salt slabs and fine salt crystals for cooking.
All products are sourced directly from local partners in the Khewra region and directly support the local mining and artisanal population.


After discovering the natural Himalayan salt lamp back in 2015 at a show in San Francisco, California, friends and family raved about the samples and a few test orders were snapped up by customers.

Two months later our team flew to the Himalayan Salt Mines and met with local miners and manufacturers to set up partnerships and critical local infrastructure to ensure a reliable and high-quality supply of products.

As the imports have grown to meet the increasing demand, the Himalion team has grown along with continuous investments in the expanding supply chain, to be able to successfully meet the rapid sales growth.


Originating in the ancient salt beds of the Himalayan mountain range, Himalayan pink salt has been treasured for its purifying and healing properties for centuries. Rich in essential minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, this abundant natural resource is valued by health practitioners and culinary masters alike for its wide array of beneficial properties. The high-quality Himalayan salt used in the Himalion product line is hand-harvested in the abundant Khewra Salt Mines, known for their pristine salt beds.

Himalion products include a range of culinary products to enhance flavor and infuse dishes with mineral-rich salts, such as salts that are coarse, medium, and fine grained, as well as elegant serving slabs, which add a delectable yet complex flavor to any meal.

Himalion beautiful air-purifying salt lamps are carved from pure Himalayan rock salt, adding a relaxed and peaceful ambiance to any room, while releasing negative ions that neutralize the air and purify your living space, for a fresh and healthy environment. 


Himalion began in 2015, and by 2016 was already doing $600,000 in sales, with increasingly high demand of product. In 2017, bringing in containers of hand-crafted Himalayan salt products on a weekly basis, the company has seen over $1.7 million in sales for the first two quarters and is expects to hit $4 million by year end. With a range of innovative new products in the final phases of testing, and no signs of business slowing any time soon, the company is on track to achieve over $8 million in sales in the 2018.

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