The Side Hustle Journal Announces Kickstarter to Bring to Market Business Building System and Productivity Tool

Building a successful side business can be the difference between just making ends meet and a life of abundance.  The Side Hustle Journal is a new system and productivity tool expertly designed to help remove the obstacles slowing down an entrepreneur’s side hustle momentum.


While there’s many tools available for entrepreneurs wanting to optimize their time or organize their task more effectively, finding one that’s ideal for someone working a day job and building a side business can be next to impossible.  The Side Hustle Journal is aimed at solving that problem and a Kickstarter campaign has been set up to help bring it to market so it can get into the hands of interested business people of all kinds.  With its unique focus on helping its users maintain excellence at their main job, while building a side hustle to bring in extra income, interest in the new Side Hustle Journal system and productivity tool is high.

“More entrepreneurs are opening their eyes to the need for a good solid side hustle everyday and we can see that reflected in popular books, blog posts and magazine articles,” remarked Ryan Helms, creator of The Side Hustle Journal.  “This isn’t just a day planner, but a tool and system I’ve worked tirelessly on with an expert team, and very motivated beta testers. It is designed to take a side hustle all the way from concept to cash.  Support our Kickstarter and let the The Side Hustle Journal help you achieve your dreams.”

According to Helms, the idea for the new journal and system came to mind as he was enjoying a well earned solo vacation to Africa.  Realizing that traveling meant so much to him, he also knew to be able to afford to travel frequently and comfortably would require additional resources.  Brainstorming potential side hustles began and The Side Hustle Journal came to life as he made sure to make the most out of every opportunity, while putting together a system that made maximum use and delivered an exceptional return of his time, energy and effort.

The Kickstarter campaign has set a goal of $1,750 with a number of different gifts available, depending on donation size, including multiple copies of the hardcover first run edition of The Side Journal Hustle itself.

Anyone who supports the Kickstarter campaign, purchasing a digital or hardcover version of The Side Hustle Journal are invited to join the company’s vibrant private Facebook group, filled with tips, side hustle ideas, news and feedback from fellow, driven entrepreneurs with similar goals.

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