Samir Tabar: SWAP made its AIR token public

Samir Tabar the strategic advisor of AirSwap, expressed his happiness over the launch of AIRSwap token (AST). A peer to peer decentralized platform which makes it easily accessible for other token providers to be able to exchange their currency globally. The company thanked the global crypto community for believing in their idea and working in the new process through this new process with us, and for the continued support.

“Welcome to AirSwap” the company quoted in their official blog post. They officially released 150M of a supply of 500M AST worth of 119,511.44 Eth. Samir Tabar says

“peer-to-peer trading is a great alternative. It enables individual parties to trade with each other directly.  It solves all the problems that were there with the order books. Peer=to=peer trading is scalable. It is private as it completely eliminates the middlemen during the negotiation. Samir also believes that this peer-to-peer trading is fair as orders are created and transmitted directly between two parties, no outsider can have an advantage.  Today’s Ethereum ecosystem needs an open peer-to-peer solution for asset exchange.”

Before the release, the tokens were released in a phased manner, pre-sale, beta sale, main scale, and the l(AST) chance.

Samir Tabar expressed his views, “majority (85%) of the coins got sold out in the first 15minutes itself. 16000 active sessions isn’t a normal feat which can be attained in 15minutes for any other token sale.”

He further added, “9447 people from 135 countries took part in this process and to achieve this with utmost ease we chose to run a KYC process that was referred to as whitelist.” Further, the company stating the successful event shared that it could not include China and North Korea due to the issues surrounding them.

The company’s co-founder, Michael Oved, a revolutionary, an influencer, stated that air swap was one of the several startups aiming to build a platform which enables its users to make a peer to peer transactions without any hassles. Lastly, Mr. Sam added, “the beauty of AirSwap is that you don’t need a clearinghouse anymore.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Airswap
Contact Person: Samir Tabar
Phone: +1-310-299-3633
Country: United States