ReAble announces the launch of its innovative product – the ReAble Wallet

Tech startup and global social enterprise, ReAble, has announced the launch of its new product, the ReAble Wallet, the first ever mobile app designed to help persons with cognitive challenges track their finances and transact independently and safely

ReAble Wallet recently launched by tech startup, ReAble is the first of its kind mobile app designed to help users with cognitive challenges carry out their transactions, allowing them track their finances and transact independently and safely; consequently creating a happier and more effective community. This unique solution is currently second to none in the industry, and is already receiving accolades from users across the globe.

Over the years, persons with one form of disability or the other, especially those with cognitive challenges have found it difficult to handle their transactions and finances independently without requiring the help of friends or family. This has not only burdened guardians and other such persons taking care of these challenged individuals, but it has also limited the types and numbers of transactions that these individuals can do.

The UN has described financial independence as fundamental to the dignity of any person. Unfortunately, persons with intellectual disabilities find it difficult to understand the abstract value of paper bills and metal coins. In a bid to ensure the financial independence of everyone and anyone, particularly the needy or neglected as the case may be, ReAble announced the launch of its ReAble Wallet. This is also in line with the enterprise’s core mission of creating a better world where everyone can be what they want to be.

The Wallet is a mobile app designed to visually guide users on the step by step process of making a purchase, while also suggesting the optimal combination of bills on hand, and ensuring that they receive the correct amount of change. This will not only give independence to the challenged persons, but also ensure a happier society.

The first of its kind, ReAble app also offers relief and peace of mind to parents and guardians alike, as it provides them with detailed information, including expenditures and transactions done by their loved ones. The information which includes time, location, price, and a picture of the item is provided in real time.

The app currently supports different international languages that include: English, Arabic, French, German, BahasaIndonesia, and Afrikaans. Currencies that are currently available on ReAble Wallet include: United States Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Kroner, United Arab Emirates Dirham, British Pound, and South African Rand.

With a uniquely tailored user interface, ReAble Wallet is designed to make everyday things like shopping, dining, or paying for a taxi safe and possible without any supervision. ReAble Wallet is currently available on Google PlayStore for users of android devices.

ReAble is giving lifetime subscriptions to users that subscribe in the first two months of its launch. The enterprise hopes to get feedback from users, following its mantra of continuous improvement and to ensure an even more efficient ReAble Wallet.

ReAble Wallet is just one of the several products and services from ReAble, with plans ongoing to release other solutions like an educational curriculum for financial literacy and accessible banking for people with intellectual disabilities.

About ReAble

ReAble is a global social enterprise and a tech startup founded by Paul Safi and Emile Sawaya in 2015. The company provides solutions to persons that have cognitive challenges by building apps and tools to empower and integrate them into the society.

The inspiration to start the company is rooted in the personal experiences of Paul and Emile with disability, with Paul having a rare genetic disorder that is slowly rendering him completely blind, and Emile’s younger brother being diagnosed with autism at a young age.

The aim of ReAble is to provide “Education Accessible Financial Technology.”

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