Original, Exciting New Approach to Post-apocalyptic Film ‘Enter the Fringe’ Completed

“Enter the Fringe, starring Jared Morgan, D.L. Walker, Mikaylee Riddle, and Dave Bresnahan.”
One hundred years after the apocalypse, a group of smugglers risk everything to “Enter the Fringe” in their end-of-the-world hot rod, on a man-hunt that uncovers a dark secret and changes everything.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – “Enter the Fringe” is a fresh new original twist to the worn-out post-apocalyptic films, that brings together action, adventure, drama, suspense, thriller, and sci-fi genres to captivate audiences. This new film has just been completed, and will soon be available to stream.

Ripp (Jared Morgan) is the brains of the smugglers he leads, and Gus (D.L. Walker) is the brute force who acts impulsively without thinking, while Lilly (Mikaylee Riddle) is the attractive young girl who is out to prove her worth in a rough and tough business.

These smugglers are sent regularly out into the “Fringe” by Alanun, or Nun as they call him. Nun (Dave Bresnahan) is the head of the operation. Tough as nails, demanding, and willing to standup to anyone who is a threat to his business. In a world destroyed 100 years earlier, Nun knows more than what appears on the surface and has an agenda he keeps to himself.

The Fringe is a vast wasteland of the toxic remains of a world destroyed. Nun regularly sends crews like Ripp’s into the Fringe to scavenge for scarce items. On this trip they must find an escapee who is running alone in the Fringe, where no human can live for long before his mind and body turn him into an animalistic creature they call Fringers. They discover the escapee, but they also find something they did not expect. Something they have never seen before. Something that will change their lives, and everyone’s lives forever.

Produced and directed by Nathan Riddle, with a screenplay by Ben Wray, Enter the Fringe promises to be an exciting adventure that begs for a follow-up feature or series. This short film is by Acid Reign Productions and was filmed on location in Utah.

It includes original music from composer Cody Crabb that adds drama and emotion to every scene. The crew includes cinematographer Luke Porter, sound mixer Summer Anderson, makeup by Mikaylee Riddle, and wardrobe by Kimberlee Waters. Emily Ash handles social media, Emily Riddle is set manager, and Chris Johnsen is the safety manager. The rest of the cast is made up of Tyson Whitney as the Escapee, Jason Wixom as the Fringer, and Elwon Bakly plays the role of Yeong.

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Company Name: Acid Reign Productions
Contact Person: Nathan Riddle
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Phone: (801) 927-7152
Country: United States
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