Kuntai Machinery Adds Sheet Material Travel Head Cutting Machine & Abrasive Paper Die Cutting Machine in their Cutting Machine Range

These new Cutting Machines are suitable for a range of applications and can be used in many industries for cutting various nonmetal materials.

For many industries, cutting machines are required for the precise cutting of various non-metallic materials. Kuntai Machinery is the leading supplier of a variety of cutting machines that are energy efficient, easy to operate and are suitable for fast and precise cutting of materials.

The company’s Cutting machine range includes hydraulic conveyor belt cutting machines, automatic traveling head cutting machines, CNC travel head cutting machines, hydraulic beam cutting machines, sponge cutting machines, foam cutting machines, and other machines. These machines are mainly used for cutting fabric, foam, sponge, plastic, leather, rubber, PVC, cardboard, home textiles, packaging materials, synthetic materials, and other non-metallic materials. Used in many industries, these machines feature the PLC touch screen system to control the cutting process. With their easy operation, the machines ensure accurate feeding and a stable cutting speed for cutting different materials.  

Sheet Material Travel Head Cutting Machine

They have recently introduced the Sheet Material Travel Head Cutting Machine that is suitable for cutting single or multiple layered nonmetal rolled materials. This die cutting machinery has various applications in automotive interior, leather goods, footwear, rubber products, foam products, furniture, toys and other industries. This is an automatic machine that features a continuous cutting of nonmetal materials. Fitted with a special hydraulic system, the machine produces very low noise and ensures a precise cutting at a fast speed. The PLC system of the machine allows automation with a superior control.  

The new Abrasive Paper Die Cutting Machine is another new addition to their machine portfolio, which has important applications in industries like abrasives, automotive interiors, leather goods and others. These die cutting machines are suitable for the continuous cutting of nonmetal materials and are used to deliver finished materials for industries, such as sports goods, car interiors, shoes, abrasive paper and medical supplies. Fitted with a servo motor, the machine allows an accurate feeding for a precise and fast cutting of materials. The special hydraulic system of the machine saves oil and provides a smooth operation.

One can learn more about these two new cutting machines and their features by visiting the website http://www.kuntai-group.com.

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Kuntai Machinery manufactures and supplies laminating machine, cutting machine, bronzing machine,  etc which are high in quality and accuracy, reliable in performance, and competitive in price. As an industry leader, the company offers free installation training and 24 hours quality service to the clients.

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