Style ‘&’ Trashion Blog Promoting New Lifestyle Book On Sustainable ‘Luxury’

Kickstarter Campaign Launches November 1st For 30 Days

London – November 02, 2017 – The Style and Trashion lifestyle blog has been promoting sustainable fashions and design for more than two years now. Earlier this year the site expanded to include features on sustainable travel. The site offers unique information on quality fashion and design made from many environmentally friendly materials to create an outstanding look all round.

The blog is looking to move towards the next step of its evolution by producing a new book called Trashion Forward. This book on the rise of sustainable luxury will be supported on Kickstarter for 30 days starting November 1st. The book is expected to be a big deal as it showcases some beautiful and unique fashion and design.

The book includes information on how sustainable fashion and design can be produced. For example the dress on front cover is made from old Vogue magazines. The creative points in this make for something intriguing and unique for anyone to look into.

Input has been provided by 36 brands and four prominent fashion and design industry leaders from 16 countries. They have all gotten together to offer great solutions that are distinct and worth taking a look at. These contributors were also contacted to talk about their earliest memories of sustainable fashion and design and what they have been doing over the years to support sustainable activities.

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go towards Fashion Revolution, a charitable group to improve the sustainability and transparency of the fashion industry. This includes working with stronger ethical standards that can be imposed on today’s fashion brands to ensure they are more responsible when getting different fashion products ready for many uses.

The book is organised in a square format and features over 200 pages of fascinating points and images. It will be a limited edition and just 1000 copies will be printed, each individually numbered

The Kickstarter campaign for the Trashion Forward book will go live on November 1st for 30 days.

People looking for added information on the new book can learn more on the Kickstarter page at

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