Bitcoin and Litecoin Alternative, NYC Now Supported by 14 Businesses in New York City

NewYorkCoin (NYC) has started popping up across New York City, from ‘Eat Better Today’ in the Bronx to ‘KEATS’ in Midtown Manhattan down to ‘Bagels Road’ in Brooklyn. An alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin with a lightning-fast 30 second transaction confirmation time and no network fees to send or receive, NYC is quickly gaining brick-and-mortar retail support in the City bearing its name. NYC is a decentralized digital currency just like Bitcoin and Litecoin whose transactions are anonymous yet open-source and verified by a network of peer-to-peer computers located around the globe solving high-level math equations. Bitcoin does this verification every 10 minutes (often much longer unless you pay extra fees). NYC does it every 30 seconds for no fees, with a proven blockchain since 2014.

The original developer of NewYorkCoin disappeared at launch on March 6th, 2014 and remains unknown to this date in an eerily similar beginning to its older brother Bitcoin. A worldwide group of NYC miners and supporters have continuously kept the network confirming transactions every 30 seconds on one the fastest, most usable and time-proven blockchains in existence. NewYorkCoin is a completely fair launch, true cryptocurrency with no pre-mine and full proof-of-work. NewYorkCoin uses a scrypt-based algorithm just like Litecoin yet still offers extremely low difficulty mining which allows anyone worldwide with a basic computer and internet connection to mine the currency (verify network transactions in return for free NYC coins).

There are no fees to use the NYC network compared to Bitcoin which can easily cost up to 10% just in transaction fees to send/receive in a semi-timely manner (under 1 hour). NYC confirms transactions every 30 seconds and has no transaction fees which makes it the ideal cryptocurrency for retail-level transactions. NYC also offers merchants the same benefits as Bitcoin; anonymity, decentralized banking and no chargeback capability.

NYC is literally “faster than a New York minute” but not only limited to the market which bears its name and can just as easily be used in any major city in the world with its near instantaneous transaction speed. Whether buying a slice of pizza in SoHo or sending money half way around the world to Shanghai, NYC transaction speed is nearly instantaneous and its first confirmation occurs in just 30 seconds. NYC is usable digital currency in daily time-sensitive purchases and has the potential ability to one day replace fiat. Very few other cryptocurrencies can stake this claim. Unlike Bitcoin, and even Litecoin whose 2 1/2 minute confirmation time just isn’t practical for most daily purchases.

Most likely named after the fast-paced environment of New York City where transaction speed is imperative to actual daily usability, NYC is just as usable in London, Berlin and Tokyo as it is in the Big Apple. With most all crytocurrencies being limited in their daily usability due to slow confirmation speed, NYC appears very well positioned to avoid this impending road block to widescale daily use of digital currencies for time-sensitive purchases. Business owners in New York City appear to be taking notice.

14 New York City businesses now supporting NewYorkCoin (NYC):

1. KEATS Bar & Restaurant, 842 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017

2. EPIC Hybrid Training, 38 W. 38th St, 5th floor, New York, NY 10018

3. EPIC Hybrid Training, 226 E. 54th St, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10022

4. B&V Convenience Store, 211-01 Jamaica Ave, Queens, NY 11428

5. Eat Better Today, 527 E. 137th St, Bronx, NY 10454

6. Bagels Road, 1424 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235

7. Piaxtla Deli, 1904 Bath Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

8. Nice Communication, 422 New Lots Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207

9. Connect One Mobile, 854 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203

10. Newkirk Plaza Deli & Grocery, 1508 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

11. Vasu Convenience, 118-14 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

12. Shorty Deli & Grocery, 801 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

13. Centre Finest Deli, 140 Centre St, New York, NY 10013

14. M&Z Gourmet Deli, 987 Westchester Ave, Bronx, NY 10459

Attending the 2017 Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City is an upcoming guerilla-marketing promotion by NYC supporters that aims to raise awareness of both NewYorkCoin and Bitcoin. While Bitcoin currently has a market capitalization of over $100 Billion, NYC is a relatively undiscovered cryptocurrency valued under $5 Million, at time of writing.

NYC currently costs under 1 penny each and has recently begun to gain some interest from investors but still appears to be extremely undervalued compared to its peers. Making the transition from online techie forums, NewYorkCoin appears to be effectively penetrating the extremely robust and lucrative market of brick-and-mortar retail in New York City.

NYC ATM’s coming soon? Considering the list of businesses supporting NYC, this seems like the next logical step. Keep a close eye on NewYorkCoin.

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