New Crowdsourced Recruitment Platform WizardSourcer Weaves Magic with Quicker, Cheaper Talent Hires

Minneapolis, MN – November 2, 2017 – As the new economy continues to raise the bar for success, attracting and retaining talent has become a lynchpin of business growth. WizardSourcer, a new talent sourcing platform that is upsetting the conventional recruitment practices, now makes it easier to locate and recruit the best talent that is available today.

WizardSourcer uses a unique crowdsourcing method along with its time honed processes to ensure that recruiters are talking to prospective candidates within hours of contacting its team, at just the fraction of the usual cost. Recognizing and hiring the right talented people is an art by itself, and WizardSourcer aims to deliver the sourcing magic to a wide range of industries.

Recruitment can be a laborious, time consuming and costly affair, and finding the right people and retaining them is therefore at the top of the agenda for human resource departments worldwide. WizardSourcer offers freelance sourcing teams at a far lower cost, as well as a complete portfolio of services such as employer branding (assess a brand and present a 6 month strategy outline), talent mapping (tangible data for job requisition), and training services (the most current recruiting trends) for recruitment teams.

“The idea to start WizardSourcer was born out of the realization that finding and prescreening applicants take an immense amount of time and effort. We thought, why not outsource this to a team of freelancing talent sourcers?” says Jonathan Kidder, Founder, WizardSourcer, who carries over six years of full time recruiting and research sourcing experience, having managed several social media recruitment campaigns for Fortune 500 brands.

WizardSourcer specializes in candidate lead service, and provides a list of candidates with contact information, who can then be approached, screened and hired either by WizardSourcer or by their client. Its highly networked team focuses on many niche areas such as information technology and engineering, and has been active in hubs such as Minneapolis, Portland, Austin, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.


WizardSourcer is here to help you stand out as a rock star recruitment professional. Jonathan created the company to support independent, in-house, and agency recruiters with a complete talent sourcing solution. We specialize in candidate leads, retained search recruitment, employer branding, talent mapping, and training services.

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