Hongkong Joyloff Technology Co.,Limited Launched New Design Of Flow Beehive To Help Worldwide Beekeeper Get Higher Efficiency

Chineseflowhive is a manufacturer and supplier of beekeeping tools under Hongkong Joyloff Technology Co.,Limited. The company was established in the year 2015 and has its base in China. The company caters to the demands of its customers on a global level in the field of beekeeping equipments.

The demand for various natural products in the market has led to the creation demand for a number of equipments that enable people to rear and collect these natural products in the most efficient, safe and low cost manner. Beekeeping is one such task that includes the rearing of bees in an enclosed structure by a beekeeper in order to collect natural products such as bee wax, honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, etc. or to pollinate crops. The task is quite demanding and requires efficient tools that ensure safe and secure completion of this job.

Chineseflowhive is a company that is involved in the production and sale of flow hive that have been patent registered. The company is based in China and located in Shenzhen City which allows convenient access to transportation. The company has received SGS BPA free, FDA certificate. The company has taken inspiration from two experienced Australian bee keepers and combined their knowledge with the competitive human labor cost and advanced production process available in China.

Hongkong Joyloff Technology Co.,Limited Launched New Design Of Flow Beehive To Help Worldwide Beekeeper  Get Higher Efficiency

The company produces flow frame made of BPA free and FDA certified plastic. The product comes with an outer box made of fir wood. The product comes as a 7 pieces frame or 4 pieces frame. The flow frame is designed in a way that is safe for the bee keeper as it does not cause any disturbance to the bees and allows tapping the honey directly from the hive into the jar. The product package includes Flow super to fit 7 flow frames, 7 flow tubes, 7 flow frames, gabled roof, bottom board, brood box, inner cover, base with screened mesh, 1 flow key, queen excluder and a printed operation manual. All the contents are packed in two cartons one for the wooden hive and frames, each.  

Chineseflowhive caters to the needs of its clients around the world with respect to bee keeping tools like flow beehive. The company uses good quality raw material for the manufacture of their products so that they are efficient and have low maintenance cost which results in high customer satisfaction. The company has good shipping services due to services by Fed ex, DHL, TNT, etc. that ensure on time delivery. The company also offers services for batch orders and customized bee keeping tools.

About Hongkong Joyloff Technology Co.,Limited:  

Hongkong Joyloff Technology Co.,Limited is a China-based company that manufactures and sells bee keeping tools. The company has its official website through which customers can view and purchase the products. To know more about it please visit their official website.

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