Crowdselling: Digital Collaboration Start-Up Reveals How a Five-Dollar Ebook Sells for Fifty

New online digital resource and collaboration company, Brainiac Bundles, shows that when it comes to selling digital content, there’s strength in numbers.

ORLANDO, FL – With little overhead and low barrier to entry, creating and distributing digital content has made the 21st century the dawn of the ‘infopreneur.’ However, standing out in a crowded marketplace often poses a problem when selling content – until now. Brainiac Bundles leverages the power of crowdselling in putting together joint-venture sales.

Brainiac Bundles collaborates with authors, course creators, coaches, bloggers, and other digital marketers to put together a bundle on various topics throughout the year. By placing an information product in one of their themed bundles, contributors leverage the clout, expertise, and audience of the 25+ other contributors included in each bundle. Contributors and affiliates earn commissions upwards of 50% per bundle sold through their affiliate link. With the average bundle price of $97.00, an information product that normally sells for a few dollars, would generate $48.50 per sale.

Former professor and self-admitted personal/professional development “junkie,” Melissa Slawsky, CEO, states, “I was looking for a creative and innovative way to combine my obsessions with online marketing and self-publishing of various digital media. The ability to provide business strategy and monetization for incredible content creators at no charge made this business venture a ‘no-brainer’.”

With the online learning industry at an estimated $107 billion dollars, many ‘infopreneurs’ are looking to get their piece of the pie.  However, most authors and course creators are in the business of creating and delivering amazing content, not online marketing. That’s where Brainiac Bundles comes in. It’s like done-for-you (or done-with-you) book marketing on steroids- only you get paid (not the other way around).

The future of self-publishing and content marketing is looking bright as founder and CEO, Slawsky remarks, “The new age of book marketing and digital distribution involves turning your competitors into collaborators. In this case, two (or 25) heads really are better than one.”

Brainiac Bundles is seeking contributors for upcoming bundles including: the Grow Your Email List Bundle running from Dec 1-7, and the Business Productivity Bundle running from Jan 1-7. Both bundles will offer courses, ebooks, and other related digital materials. For information on becoming a contributor or affiliate, visit


Brainiac Bundles partners with authors, online course creators, and infopreneurs to create incredible digital resource libraries (i.e., bundles). They provide increased visibility, subscribers, and income for contributors and affiliates through the power of joint-venture sales.

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