Supreme Master Television – Popular Constructive Global TV Network Relaunches Online

TAIPEI, Taiwan (Formosa) – For those yearning to immerse themselves in inspirational programming and support a modern lifestyle that is green, healthy and compassionate, Supreme Master Television resumed broadcasting its unique brand of positive news and other shows on October 3, 2017, via YouTube live streaming on its website

From September 2006 through January 2012, with a large global audience reach, Supreme Master Television promoted the values of peace, love, compassion, and cultural harmony. The network’s shows were broadcast in over 40 languages on 14 satellites that reached every corner of the globe.

The network is once again offering audiences a new way to view the world — in a purely positive light. From its broadcasts of peace-building events, to interviews with presidents, celebrities and the extraordinary peace wishes of ordinary people, Supreme Master Television is a bridge for understanding through its features on the beauty of all nations and cultures, and the pure love and nobility of animals. Above all, it shares Supreme Master Ching Hai’s wisdom and spiritual teachings to remind us of our common humanity and commitment to building a better world for our children and ourselves.

Supreme Master Television is inspired and guided by Supreme Master Ching Hai, world-renowned spiritual teacher. A Gusi Peace Prize winner for her global humanitarian work and contributions to world peace, Supreme Master Ching Hai is also an accomplished poet, artist, and author, who sets a shining example of selfless service and unconditional love.

Supreme Master Ching Hai explained the importance of positive television programming, stating, “Good news feels good. In case people don’t like to watch bad news, or after bad news, they want to refresh themselves, we offer an oasis. Like in the desert, it’s a refuge for them to come back and bathe themselves into ‘positiveness’ and ‘feel-goodness.’ That’s the idea. That is one of the best things we offer to the world, free of charge.”

Viewers can enjoy a colorful array of high quality programs in a range of genres, with new and meaningful shows continually added to the network’s eclectic line-up. Highlighting the spirit of peace and love, Supreme Master Television features hourly constructive news, celebrations of cultural diversity, tips on maintaining personal and environmental health, golden age technologies, uplifting entertainment and films, vegan cooking shows and animal heroes. Each show is subtitled in 10 or more languages, with the number of languages continually growing.


Media Contact
Company Name: Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association
Contact Person: Mr. Harry Mai
Phone: (602) 783-7538
Country: Taiwan