AMAZING MUSICAL GAME: For Kids and Babies Learning Sounds

An App that Helps Your Babies Learn Musical Sounds

Amazing Musical Game is a recently launched music game for kids and babies and is available on the Google Play Store where it has received so much positive reviews from users. This app enjoys an amazing rating of 4.8/5 stars with rave feedback. The app has an awesome blend of fun and educational features to give your kids entertainment and education by helping them learn different sounds associated with different musical instruments. Users have reported that their babies started mimicking some sounds from the music game just by repeatedly watching and listening to the music sounds when playing the game. Kids love making sounds while playing so this game will really be fun for them.

Amazing Musical Game engages babies and kids easily with lively and catchy musical sounds coming from 3 main musical instruments. The sounds are created from the Piano, Drums and Xylophone and your kids get to watch their favorite animals play these sounds. Babies and kids love animals and when you combine seeing their favorite animal play a fun sound on the game, you can be certain they are going to learn that sound. This game helps your babies not just to learn music sounds but to recognize them quickly too. The game combines both learning and having fun in a seamless mix that your young ones would really love.

Amazing Musical Game facilitates your kids and babies music appreciation and assimilation development. Your kids would develop an interest in musical sounds while having fun. Compared to watching cartoons which are not so healthy for kids and babies, the Amazing Musical Game with its serene sounds and visuals of cute animals playing good music has more valuable content. Your kids can easily find their rhythm in this app and you can also use it to entertain them when on an outing, on the road or simply just to keep them busy. 

The Amazing Music Game is available and FREE on Google Play Store and iTunes for download on Android and IOS devices. The game features piano, xylophone and drum sound played by beautiful animals and kid-friendly High-Definition graphics and interface.

Release Date: October 26, 2017.

Language: English

Rating: 4+

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