Getting a Unique Experience and a Luxurious Weekend Getaway near Kansas City

Kansas City’s Morrell Ranch offers a unique experience for luxurious and romantic weekend getaway, providing a distinct view of Mother Nature

Gallatin, MO – When it is time to look for a romantic new experience and spend some quality romantic time for a weekend getaway particularly around Kansas City, the Morrell Ranch in Gallatin, Missouri is definitely on top of the list. The Morrell Ranch is a resort that caters to people of different groups, which includes small and large group of people or just couples who want an experience for the weekend and would love to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kansas City.

It is no doubt that life can sometimes get too busy, requiring to make some time off to relax. A unique and memorable experience is always needed to get through the everyday hustle and bustle. However, not everyone can travel too far from home, making it necessary to have a relaxation spot close to home and in this case, Kansas City. This is where the Morrell Ranch comes in particularly helpful, providing a getaway perfect for a romantic weekend getaway to get refreshed with loved ones.

The Morrell Ranch affords visitors the opportunity to be away from the constant barrage of everyday responsibilities and enjoy the beauty of nature, hearing the birds call and feeling the gentle breeze, while they experience the outdoors around them.

More than just a luxury get away, the Morrell Ranch allows couples to take spend quality time together, taking care of each other. The several amenities visitors will enjoy at the Morrell Ranch make it also perfect for a family gathering and weddings.

Some of the activities to enjoy include kayaking, pedal boating, or canoeing in the lake in front of the lodge. Visitors can also go horseback riding, bicycling, or hiking. There is also the opportunity to do some fishing in any one of the 23 ponds on the property. Persons that love having a stroll also have something to look forward to with several paths available, while having a look at the animals on the ranch, some of which include whitetail deer, sweet alpacas, graceful swans, and strutting peacocks.

The Hotel Resort does not only offer luxury in the woods, but also have lots to offer on the inside with cozy cabins and rooms in the luxurious lodge. There is also a workout room, pool/hut tub and game of pool for its enthusiasts.

Amazingly, the ranch and resort offer quality services at remarkably affordable rates, ensuring that anyone and everyone can enjoy a weekend getaway without breaking the bank.

Basically, the Morrell Ranch creates a feeling of being away from Kansas, taking visitors away from the noise of the city, allowing them to enjoy the beautiful weather.

More of the beauty of Morrell Ranch can be seen on Explore Legacy Ranch or by calling 660-273-3030.

About Morrell Ranch

Morrell Ranch is operated by international resort company, Morrell International Company. Based in Gallatin, MO, the company through the Morrell Ranch has been able to treat people living in and around Kansas to the best of Mother Nature, providing the perfect getaway for persons that want to spend some quality time with friends and family.


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