Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign By Sahar Witt For Encrypted Vaults Project LegacyArmour Goes Live

Sahar Witt announces launch of campaign on Indiegogo for funding project LegacyArmour encrypted vaults.

Engineer, security technologies expert and entrepreneur, Sahar Witt and her team has announced a campaign on Indiegogo to finance project LegacyArmour, an online service designed to secure digital assets from unforeseen events. The system works by securely storing information in encrypted vaults with delivery scheduling provision to the intended recipients only if the event takes place.

“I am happy to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for LegacyArmour, a project that can protect the future of you and your loved ones by providing access to critical information securely and easily,” says the founder of LegacyArmour Sahar Witt. “Our mission is to protect your privacy and legacy. Our technologically advanced and foolproof encrypted vaults come with an automatic delivery system to the intended recipients if something happens to you.”

For every individual, family is the most important thing. With the children of today’s generation being continually exposed to an increasingly digital world, it is apparent that they are missing out on their family stories, memories and their own family heritage. This makes it imperative to plan for the future.

According to Sahar Mitt, it is estimated that most people have more than $60,000 worth digital assets that need quality protection. LegacyArmour has been founded to deliver a highly secure and reliable service through encrypted vaults. These vaults can be programed to be delivered to their intended recipients even on a date in the future. With instances of data breaching increasing and being reported from all over the globe, it is imperative for families, businesses and individuals to have access to end-to-end zero knowledge encryption system.

LegacyArmour has changed the way digital storage system works. Unlike the static storage option offered by others with encryption added as a choice, LegacyArmour offers a highly secure as well as affordable system that is interactive with the intended recipients. The custom encryption key ensures that only those authorized access to the information can decrypt it and that too at the right time.

LegacyArmour also has plans to make the system more robust by adding a few more features. They are working on an acceleration technology that can help improve file upload/download speed that can expedite delivery. They are also looking at bio-metrics like fingerprint scan, retina scan that can help unlock the vaults.

LegacyArmour are pioneers in the area of encrypted storage systems and is focused on making it as simple and affordable as possible so that everyone can use it as a necessity and not as a luxury.

The Indiegogo campaign launched by Sahar Mitt and her team has a flexible financial goal of $50,000. The deadline for meeting this goal will expire in about two weeks.

About LegacyArmour:

LegacyArmour is the idea of Sahar Mitt and her team. They create technologically advanced encrypted vaults for protecting the privacy and legacy of families, businesses and individuals. The encrypted vaults come with automatic delivery to the designated recipients if something happens to you. The delivery can even be scheduled for a date in the future.

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