Bridget Goodwin Seeks Funding Through the Kickstarter Community for Primitive, Her Latest Movie Project

Bridget Goodwin starts crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Primitive the Movie project.

Historian and filmmaker, Brisbane, AU-based Bridget Goodwin has announced that her crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter platform is now up and running for her project Primitive the Movie. Bridget has an excellent track record in movie making and has created some popular and extremely though-provoking movies in the past. She has a knack for sensitively telling amazing secret stories from history that can move the audience.

“I have taken the Kickstarter route to fund my latest project, Primitive the Movie as I could not attract the attention of big name producers in the industry for this project,” says Bridget Goodwin. “The screenplay for the movie has already been registered with the Australian Writers Guild. I have also personally shot and edited the video trailer for the movie, thanks to the help of fabulous volunteer actors.”

Primitive the Movie is the story of Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict who have kept their love secret for over 30 years so they could continue their work as anthropologists. The Primitive is set somewhere in the 1920s.

Margaret Mead was sent to Samoa to research on the swinging women or in other words, to find out about the ‘the origin of the flapper’ as swinging young woman of the 20s were known then. In reality, Mead was sent to discover whether the notion of free love and cross-gender sexuality was occurring naturally outside the normal, modernized societies.

Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict were part of a group of anthropologists based at Columbia University in New York. They were involved in ground-breaking research that studied the lives and passions of what was known as the ‘primitive’ cultures before industrialization overwhelmed them.

Both these women were hugely inspired by the legendary psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud. They were keen to find out whether free love and cross gender love was happening naturally in the society of those times. They also used their some areas of their work to explain and justify their immense love for each other.

According to Bridget’s story, Mead and Ruth sustained their work and romance for three long decades. They were able to continue their relationship through secret letters, publications, meetings and even orchestrated research. Though their radical ideas were in sharp contrast to the thinking of traditional and conservative societies of those times, they still went ahead and published them. They continued communication about their research in volumes that later influenced the whole world about the cultures of countries like Japan, Pacific cultures, Bali, Eastern Europe, America and Australia.

Their work was extensive and they soon became household names on account of their brilliant work. However, their love was kept a closely guarded secret until everyone in their circle had died. The Primitive is a truly riveting and dramatic movie based on a true story of love and anthropology.

The campaign started by Bridget Goodwin on Kickstarter has a financial goal of AU$250,000. The deadline for meeting this goal is 30 November, 2017.

About Primitive the Movie:

Primitive is a movie written by historian and filmmaker, Bridget Goodwin. It is based on a true love story of Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict, both anthropologists working on a project to research whether the notion of free love and cross-gender sexuality was occurring naturally outside the conventional and modernized societies. The movie captures the true story of love and anthropology in a truly riveting manner.

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