Lab Sensor Solutions Announces Successful Am-Tran Deployment

Am-Tran Uses T-Tracks™ to Continuously Monitor Temperature Sensitive Packages

REDWOOD CITY, CA – 2 Nov, 2017 – Lab Sensor Solutions, a provider of real-time temperature and location solutions is pleased to announce that AM-TRAN, a San Francisco Bay Area courier service for time and temperature sensitive packages, has deployed their T-Tracks™ solution to monitor their temperature-sensitive shipments.

“We are delighted that AM-TRAN selected our T-Tracks solution to monitor the temperature and location of their sensitive shipments,” said Geoff Zawolkow. “AM-TRAN’s choice to provide real-time monitoring for their customers proves their commitment to quality.”

Continuous Process Improvement Matters

When a T-Tracks system is first put in place, gaps in the temperature handling process always reveal themselves. These gaps can be attributed to the strict adherence of existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which can be challenging for couriers to realize since there is no real-time feedback to alert them of problems. Once revealed, the fixes are simple and quick — thus allowing for a rapid return on investment.

“We are so pleased with the simplicity of the T-Tracks system,” said Jim Hobbs, President of AM-TRAN. “T-Tracks has allowed us to provide our customers with a much higher level of quality that simply could not have been achieved without this software.”

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring is Critical for Perishables

Perishables are especially sensitive to temperature swings and as a result, it is vital that conditions be monitored in real-time to ensure that temperature extremes are avoided. This is particularly important when the perishables are medical samples, vaccines, or pharmaceuticals, as these perishables are used to diagnose and treat disease. Lab Sensor Solutions in their recent study with TriCore Clinical Laboratory showed similar results to the deployment with AM-TRAN. Both deployments underscore the importance of a quantitative approach to perishable integrity instead of the old methods, which rely on a validated process without monitoring.

About Lab Sensor Solutions

Lab Sensor Solutions’ mission is to improve lives through the use of real-time sensor technology. We deliver real-time information on healthcare assets so our customers can monitor, report and act to assure items are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition.


AM-TRAN is a leading provider of courier services that require customized solutions for the delivery of time or temperature sensitive packages. If your business-critical packages are being picked up or delivered within the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, AM-TRAN is the right choice for reliable and affordable service.

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