VPN Freely: Best Free Unlimited VPN for iPhone to Protect One’s Communications Through Public WiFi

From now on, all iPhone users have a chance to protect their data when using public WiFi hotspots. VPN Freely offers the best free unlimited VPN for iPhone. Available to everyone and compatible with different iOS versions, including iOS 11.

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There have been over 1.2 billion iPhones sold starting the gadget’s initial release in 2007. VPN Freely is an app designed specifically to secure these devices. It offers protection for iPhones and iPads when they are most vulnerable, meaning connected to public WiFi hotspots. As the best free unlimited VPN for iPhone should, this app works perfectly well with even the latest iOS 11 version.

vpn freelyiPhone VPN: How and Why to Use It

The stats on cybercrimes are unreliable as these crimes are extremely difficult to notice until it’s too late. One thing that is sure is that the number of these incidents has grown exponentially over the last decade.

Hackers are a threat, and they often prey on smartphones as those have fewer protections than laptops and computers. Public WiFi hotspots are one of the more popular ‘hunting grounds’ for hackers. There they can easily tap into the data stream flowing between the device and some server, effectively stealing information.

iPhone VPN apps, like VPN Freely prevent this by encrypting this data. This type of protection makes any public WiFi hotspot as secure as a protected network. As the best free unlimited VPN for iPhone, VPN Freely goes beyond regular protection, offering the gadget’s owner a variety of perks.

VPN for iPhone: Free Download from VPN Freely

The first, and many consider it to be most, important advantage of VPN Freely is that it truly is available for free. Unlike the majority of security apps, like antimalware programs, this iPhone VPN app offers the full functionality of its protection.

VPN Freely does have an option of upgrading to a Premium account. However, this won’t affect the level of security provided by the app. Premium account offers additional useful benefits, such as:

  • No session time-outs
  • No speed limits

Free version of VPN Freely offers:

  • Unlimited VPN protection
  • 256-bit encryption (Bank Grade)
  • No server or activity logs
  • One-click access to iPhone VPN protection
  • Superior WiFi hotspot security

Another advantage that helps VPN Freely to contend for the title of the best free unlimited VPN for iPhone is that it doesn’t require a sign-up. This means that every user can get a layer of extra security coming from complete anonymity. The application doesn’t demand one’s email or phone number to register. The developers also guarantee that whatever data their clients share, remains 100% secure with the company. VPN Freely never shares users’ personal information with third parties. The application acts like a Proxy, ‘hiding’ one behind a secure ID and offering effective protection for using any other apps (including banking).

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