Dhruvin Shah to act in Hollywood

MUMBAI, INDIA – 3 Nov, 2017 – Dhruvin Shah, who has had an award-winning debut with his movie, ‘Superstar’, directed by Bhavin Wadia and produced by Dakshesh Shah, is on a roll after the super success of this Indian movie which ran houseful for multiple months in the land of Bollywood. The next turf awaiting Dhruvin is Hollywood. The meisner trained actor has already had a huge breakthrough in the Bollywood Film industry and is now preparing to do some leading roles in Hollywood. “I have been blessed with a top-of-the-league film education in New York and Los Angeles, which has helped me polish my acting over the years and helped me understand the world of films from behind the camera too,” says Dhruvin. 

Dhruvin is gifted to have a combined look of a Bollywood hero and a Hollywood actor as well. Maybe that is why the actor has been repeatedly approached by people in Hollywood, while he somehow manages to have a constant demand in Bollywood. Sources point out that Dhruvin’s acting skills have been majorly recognised by the directors in Hollywood and Dhruvin is now considering to be a part of a mega-Hollywood project. In the past we have seen successful Indian actors own it in Hollywood like Priyanka Chopra, Diana Penty, Deepika Padukone and now Dhruvin is on his way to breakthrough into Hollywood. With great success in his film “Superstar” loved worldwide in theatres and on Netflix, He is now said to be very particular about his roles and does not want to dive into any and every role that comes his way. “I always honour the story and the script more than anything” and getting the right material could mean another home run for Dhruvin’s efforts in entertaining the audiences globally.

“I am humbled to have my talent being recognized so well. It is no less than a dream”. Dhruvin Shah was also recently awarded with the best actor award at the prestigious Paris Appreciation Awards 2017, which was held atop the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris. He is also being nominated for the Indian National Awards, 2017 making him one of the celebrated Indian actors of the year.

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