One Of The Fastest Growing Disney Podcasts Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Walt Disney World offers something for everyone. Rides, theme attractions, shows and dining spots, this place will keep you busy and entertained. Unknown to many visitors, Disney World has secret spots and tricks that will save you time and money.  If you are looking for the latest scoop on the most visited tourist spot on Earth, Capture The Magic Podcast will keep you updated on all things involving Disney World.

“I have had Disney in my life since I was a child, so talking about Disney World was something I was excited to do. I just did not know how to get started.  With the help of my husband, Jared, we were able to create a Disney centered podcast,” says Jamie, one of the website’s co-founders.

While not a Disney fan for as long as his wife, Jared has become an expert on the history and business side of Disney. He is always eager to talk about his details about the theme parks and technical aspects of Disney World in their podcasts. Capture The Magic Podcast aims to connect and bring joy to the Disney fan community with their discussions.

Capture The Magic Podcast had its first episode in early July 2017. There are currently two shows per week and are regularly uploaded to Youtube and other streaming websites. Every Monday, they release Dis Talk, a segment in which Jamie and Jared discuss focused topics related to Disney, like special events, attractions, and restaurants. There is also a news and rumors episode every Thursday. On their podcasts, they also provide comprehensive reviews that are tailored to both seasoned and first-time visitors. The couple plans to include more people to participate in discussions on future episodes. Moreover, you may even see live video podcasts one of these days, given their rising popularity.

While they started their regular radio shows in July, the Capture The Magic brand started with its apparel brand last January. Visitors and Disney aficionados can buy t-shirts and bags on their website. The brand was then expanded to include a blog about relevant Disney World topics that would interest any Disney vacationer. That is when they decided to set up the podcast. Most of topics they cover are about Disney World theme parks, but sometimes also include movies, TV shows and business involving the company. They experienced immense growth since their debut and had recently cemented their status as one of the best Disney-centered podcasts today.

Jared and Jamie at Capture The Magic Podcast hope that they can help you plan your future vacation in Disney World. You can visit their website at The couple encourages those who are interested in Disney World travel to subscribe to the Capture The Magic newsletter and follow their social media accounts for the latest updates. Subscribe to their Youtube channel and check their new vlogs posted weekly. They still sell Disney-related apparels in their online store, and you can view their offerings anytime, at

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