Medical Resources, Inc. is a One Stop Shop for Pediatric Respiratory Equipment and Supply in AL

Birmingham, AL Medical Resources, Inc., an Alabama-based group of professionals, now offers prompt delivery of pediatric respiratory equipment and supply in Birmingham and surrounding areas. The company aims to help homeowners have their on-site medical facilities and regularly monitor their child’s health.

“We are an accredited group of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to provide prompt and accurate medical equipment and supply with the highest level of care and ethics. Our specialization includes delivery of pediatric respiratory equipment,” says Michael Jones, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. They also have in-house respiratory therapists and personnel available 24/7 for troubleshooting and doing minor repairs in cases of malfunctions. Medical Resources, Inc. believes that every child must be monitored in an environment that is equipped to meet their needs. Having the right equipment also helps the homeowners conduct first aid treatment in case of respiratory attacks.

Medical Resources, Inc. offers medical equipment and supplies related to ventilation, apnea monitors, nebulizers, tracheostomy tubes, and other tools. These devices are meant to assist breathing without the need to go in a hospital. Facilities that specialize on children are also rare, making procurement of these equipment highly important. Pediatric care differs from standard medical protocols for adults, hence, they need proper attention. The company requires physical prescription in every order to ensure safety among its clients. They also accept most forms of payments and assignments from Medicaid, major insurance firms, and out of pocket disbursements.  

The company commits to prompt delivery for every order they received. They built their reputation as one of the best procurement firms in Alabama with their efficient services. Their professional staff are trained to deal with customers and will help them configure the respiratory equipment they ordered.  Medical Resources, Inc. ( sees to it that every client they serve is able to use these devices on their own. There are instances where urgent medical care is needed, but there is a considerable time gap before a child is brought to the hospital. Hence, respiratory-related conditions can be addressed by this equipment in the meantime. Moreover, a child needs to be regularly monitored so parents and guardians need to have the right facilities on stand-by.

Medical Resources, Inc. is a one-stop shop for pediatric respiratory equipment and supplies. Interested clients may visit their website at for more information. They are located at 1516 5th Avenue S, Birmingham, AL 35233. Clients can reach them through the telephone at 205-521-7337 or via email at  

Media Contact
Company Name: Medical Resources, Inc
Contact Person: Michael Jones – CEO
Phone: 205-521-7337
Address:1516 5th Avenue S
City: Birmingham
State: Alabama
Country: United States