Charliebeekeeping Announces To Supply Complete Range Of Beekeeping Products for Honey Farming

Because of their association with the best resources for beekeeping products, Charliebeekeeping has the specialization of supplying all types of beekeeping tools, honey extracting equipments, protective gear, and other beekeeping farming components.

With the growing health benefits of honey, the beekeeping or honey farming is an emerging trend in many parts of the world. A professional beekeeping farm often requires several kinds of tools and equipments for beekeeping and to help optimize the production of honey. China based Charliebeekeeping is a one-stop supplier of the complete range of beekeeping products for all big or small beekeeping farms.

The beekeeping product store has a variety of beekeeping tools and equipments, including the langstroth beehive, which is a kind of basic beekeeping equipment, meant for all types of beekeeping farms. This double layer beehive has two levels with a metal roof. Made of fir wood, it comes with different types of accessories, such as telescoping cover, inner cover, brood box, super box, entrance reducer, and so on. The brood box is used for keeping bees and raising young bees, while the super box is used for collecting honey.

Charliebeekeeping Announces To Supply Complete Range Of Beekeeping Products for Honey Farming

They also offer an excellent quality honey extractor that avoids wastage of honey while collecting it from the beehive. This is a manual extractor made of stainless steel with four frames of frame size 45X26cm. The barrel of the extractor is 1mm thick to help extract honey with a greater efficiency. The extractor has long legs with a plastic honey gate that keeps the honey safe and avoids its contamination.

For people engaged in honey farming their safety is important to avoid accidental honeybee bites. This is the reason why Charliebeekeeping has the best quality vented beekeeping suit in its store. Made of cotton material, the suit is airy enough for a wearer to feel comfortable while he or she can rest assured of the complete protection against any bee attack. The suit with its three-layered mesh offers perfect ventilation. Available in different sizes, a person can choose the best suit that is helpful for safe and easy working in the beekeeping farm. The suit comes with a round hat with a metal veil for the protection of the head.

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Charliebeekeeping is specialized in supplying queen rearing tools, hive tools, bee smokers, beekeeping protective gear, beehives and components, honey extracting and bottling equipments, etc. They have the best resources for beekeeping products.  Whatever for big or small scale honey farming, they will provide each customer with the best resources and prices.

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