Athlete’s Secret being Used by Women to Solve “The New Shoes Blues”

Every woman has had the experience of buying great looking shoes, only to have blisters, hot spots and skin irritations appear right after the first wearing.  So now what?  Wear them until they break in, even though your feet scream “no, no, not those again”?  Or banish them to the closet and hope that they will somehow magically not irritate your feet the next time you have the guts to put them on?

Here’s a better idea that savvy women are borrowing from serious athletes to conquer essentially the same issue. Simply Better Laboratories, Inc., a Boston area company, has been selling ChafeX Microlayer Skin Cream for over 3 years to help serious athletes, including marathon runners and triathletes from getting painful blisters and chafing.  Company Vice-President Ken Olson explained the company found that many women who are not necessarily doing strenuous athletic activities have discovered ChafeX and are now using it to prevent blisters and hot spots on their feet caused by sandals, shoes, and boots, (what the company calls “The New Shoes Blues”).

“We had no idea this was taking place”, Olson explained, but speculated that the reason women are using ChafeX to prevent feet discomfort is the same reason athletes find it essential.  Unlike other products on the market that simply lubricate the skin by sitting on top, ChafeX bonds to the surface of the skin to form Microlayers that keep shoes from creating painful skin irritations.  “It is always better to prevent a problem than to treat it”, Olson continued.

Regardless of the activity, blisters are caused by chronic skin abrasions, which are compounded by moisture (sweat).  Women wearing boots, dress shoes, sandals and/or high heels are experiencing this daily and they find ChafeX ( the perfect solution to prevent these annoying foot irritations.  “ChafeX has no dyes, fragrance, wax, silicone, gluten, or petroleum, so it’s ideal for those who are sensitive to these ingredients”, Olson continued.

ChafeX is not available in stores.  It can only be purchased on the company web site,, or at (Prime eligible also).

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Contact Person: K. Olson
Phone: 401 225 3632
Address:PO Box 741
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State: Massachusetts
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