Leon Pickett Starts Campaign On Kickstarter To Finance Development of the Revolutionary Inmate Voice Messaging App

Leon Pickett announces launching of crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for developing Inmate Voice Messaging App.

Leon Pickett, a former drug dealer who was held for 15 years in a federal prison for involvement in drug dealing, has founded the Inmate Voice Messaging App. The app has been designed to help incarcerated man and women remain connected with their loved ones through voice messages. Leon has started a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter to fund the project.

“At the age of 23, I was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison and during my time inside I was fortunate enough to make friends with attorneys, property developers and CEOs who wanted to share their expertise and knowledge,” says Leon Pickett. “I learnt about business opportunities and gained knowledge on various aspects. The app that I have developed will be of great help to the millions of men and women in our prisons.”

Leon Pickett had decided that he wanted to become a part of the solution and no longer wanted to be part of the problem. He had experienced firsthand the frustration of not being to call a loved one. In jail, missed connections were a reality that was heartbreaking for all prisoners. The outdated prison phone systems were not effective and resulted in extreme frustration. Leaving a message was not an option available to inmates. Leon Pickett’s invention of the Inmate Voicemail app can change all that.

Relatives of individuals can accept prison calls by simply downloading the Inmate Voicemail App. This can be done by downloading a digit. The app can be extremely helpful when they are not available to receive calls. The 2.3 million inmates lodged inside US prisons can now leave instant voice messages for their loved ones on their cell phones. People serving time inside prison will find the Inmate Voicemail app the most effective way of connecting and communicating with their loved ones.

According to Leon Pickett, a simple app like Inmate Voicemail can help a huge problem for inmates. The revolutionary app makes communication easy, fast and hassle-free.

Market research has also shown that there is a need for this app technology. Inmates too have voiced their opinion about the same and so have their relatives. The app is designed to be user-friendly and is priced at just $4 per download making it easily affordable for everyone.

Leon Pickett and his team have the business plan as well as the basic function of the app ready and working. They now have to make the final push to bring the app to both Android and iOS systems. Funding is needed to make this final push. The Kickstarter campaign started by Leon Pickett has a fixed financial goal of $25,000. The deadline to meet this goal is 1 December, 2017.

About Inmate Voicemail App:

The Inmate Voicemail App is a revolutionary app developed by Leon Pickett who has served time in prison for 15 years. The app is aimed at making it easy for over 2.3 million incarcerated men and women to send instant voice messages and to stay connected to their loved ones. Relatives and families of inmates can down load the app and accept prison calls when they are not available to answer themselves.

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