Scry was invited to attend Australia’s biggest fintech festival

Invited by Australian inteskt fintech host, Scry team went to the eight-day blockchain and fintech grand gathering from…

Invited by Australian inteskt fintech host, Scry team went to the eight-day blockchain and fintech grand gathering from October 27th to November 3th at Melbourne Exhibition Center, engaging in a profound communications and discussions over finance and technology with world-famous enterprises including and Nestle.

As the biggest fintech grand gathering in Australia, this year’s Intersekt finance and technology grand gathering was endorsed by Australian government with Victorian Innovation and Trade minister Philip Dalidakis and other government officials present. This meeting lasted for eight days and ended with CollabCollide Summit.Cross-industry exchanges over finance and technology including blockchain was carried out respectively in this meeting. Besides important fintech industry discussion, Scry team paid particular attention to Blockchain Day where industry professionals from different countries explained and explored the characteristics, development and fields for application of blockchain from multiple aspects. Scry representatives also expounded the notion behind its project and shared its blockchain technology during the discussion.

As one of the world’s most rapidly developing country in finance and technology, Australia never desist from exploring blockchain and embraces blockchain technology applications with efforts to introduce blockchain related policy and promote standardized blockchain enterprises.Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is not only the country’s biggest securities exchange but also the first securities market operator possessing blockchain technology in the world.Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) issued a “password combination” of blockchain to the department of treasury of Queensland, which was proclaimed as the first blockchain bond issued by government worldwide.Blockchain research centers have been established in several colleges and universities in Australia including University of Sydney. Under this favorable development environment, Scry was enabled to set up its own station in Melbourne in its early days, looking forward to attracting more indigenous developers and collaborations.

Blockchian’s applications in fields such as plebiscite, notarization and investigation are focuses of attention for Australian institutions.As the first authentic-data-based blockchain underlying protocol, Scry supports to establish an assortment of ecological applications and provides developers with a platform tool base that can conveniently set up DAPP. As an open project, Scry embraces as many different industries and fields as possible so that blockchain smart contract can play its due role.

Scry member Ray said that we are deeply honored to receive the invitation from the host and we learned so much from communications in the last couple of days. Scry will keep developing and blazing in finance and technology, using blockchain technology and truthful data sources as its sword.Consistent with the theme of this meeting, Scry is committed to make data the hallmark of smart contracts, adheres to the principle of inclusive finance and is willing to work with the society to build a credit economy flowing with data.Scry expressed its expectation that more strength will be injected into its Australian station so that it can contribute to Scry global ecological development.

Besides the fintech grand gathering in Australia, Scry will attend the Singapore fintech festival as well as several sharing sessions in middle of this month. More will be shared by that time.

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